This is so capitalism at all levels that it hurts to watch. - Corporation peddles snake oil that kills people. - Corporation doubles down on that snake oil at a time of a global pandemic when lives are doubly on the line. - A scientist speaking out against the technology with verified studies and measurements is sued by said corporation. - Said scientist has to beg for money to get even the smallest chance in court in the face of the corporate juggernaut. Ladies and gentlemen: I give you ***CAPITALISM!***


To better understand this rapidly changing situation, we conducted a very brief interview with the Federation of Anarchism Era, an organization with sections in Iran and Afghanistan.

That's it. That's the post.

Ancient wisdom still needs to be repeated, apparently.

Distro Shit 10/21-10/23
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Conocen apis o paginas con registros económicos para hacer desarrollo programático?
Estoy buscando formas de acortar los tiempos para recabar información para la elaboración de programas (políticos)

Next step: The state, colonialism & other forms of hierarchy

Transcript from the post: > I've read here and there about how autistic people aren't able to recognise social hierarchies. Obviously I can't speak for everyone, but in my experience it's not that I haven't been able to recognise them, it's that I don't respect them and I don't care (inverted smiley face)

Majority opinion being wrong and unjust is not new. Our democratic history is littered with examples of majority opinions being not just wrong, but the very opposite of democracy when those opinions were shaped into laws. Listen carefully to the volumes of promises and plans about to be delivered; hear what the politicians are saying. Think for yourself. And never forget that most of the great social changes in our lives have been brought about only when minority movements forced sheeplike majorities to listen.

Are you an Anarchist? The answer might surprise you!


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