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Trying to add some custom 'webfont' icons for Mastodon
I would like to create icons to link my lemmy, peertube, and mastodon instances to each other. I've managed to achieve this for Lemmy and PeerTube without much of a hassle by creating the SVG icons and duplicating the code for the donate symbol (lemmy) and the about symbol (peertube): Lemmy: ![]( Peertube: ![]( I thought I would be able to use the same logic to modify the menu bar in Mastodon, but I must say I am very confused by it. I can't find the files that hold the icons, the syntax is un-intuitive for me, and it seems that there are several levels of files calling each other before finally producing the icon on the page. Mastodon: ![]( While trying to figure out where the SVG files are stored, I found this issue: [Consider: SVG for icons?]( Here, I learned that Mastodon uses something called "Webfonts" to generate the icons. From that issue it appears that they never transitioned into using SVG. I can't find much about how to work with this format - what is this? What would the workflow be like for finding the webfont file and creating a new icon? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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