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List of popular Lemmy communities and their alternatives
Just by checking one can see the most popular communities of The plan here is to list all the alternatives for those from other instances. One can also suggest alternatives to be added here and I update this living document. * [Libre Culture]( --> ??? * [Piracy]( --> [!]( * [Open Source]( --> ??? * [Ask Lemmy]( --> [!]( * [Privacy]( --> [!](, [!](, [!](, [!]( * [Technology]( --> [!](, [!]( * [World News]( --> [!]( * [Fediverse]( --> [!](, [!](, [!](, [!](, [!]( * [Science]( --> [!](, [!](, [!]( * [Memes]( --> [!](, [!](, [!]( * [Gaming]( --> [!]( * [Music]( --> [!](, [!](, [!]( * [Politics]( --> [!](, [!](, [!]( * Programming language communities --> []( * [Socialism]( --> [!](, [!]( * [Anarchism]( --> [!]( * [Green]( -->, []( * Late Stage Capitalism, futurology etc. --> [!]( * [Linux]( --> [!](, [!]( * [Videos]( --> [!](, [!]( * [Cryptocurrency]( --> [!]( * [Political Humor]( --> [!]( * [Self-Hosting]( --> [!](, [!]( * [Anime]( --> [!]( MotherBoard PCB Is there a place to find schematics about MotherBoards, for example the Libre Computer Le Potato or Open Compute Project's Snow Ridge, or any other. Like a big place where to find these I know that its against the rules to open a "where can I find, does anyone have a...". But it suggests to use search bar before, which returns no results (literally nothing ""). So a demand should be made I guess, or idk

The future is mobile homes/RVs [climate change]
Hurricane coming? Make like a turtle and migrate (lol). Severe snow storm, floods, etc migrate Afaik, the earth was lot warmer during dino times, but dinos just migrated seasonally to better areas. Floods and whatnot are largely nerfs directed at humans structures. I heard that climate proofing housing is quite difficult, bc even like powerlines are damaged by events. Meaning it might be easier to work remotely from an RV. Thoughts?

New Microblogging Fediverse Instance
Anyone interested to connect via fediverse or give a test drive to Pleroma (Rebased) with Soapbox frontend UI is welcome. Just make sure you respect all TOS rules if you decide to join us. All accounts are manually approved...

does f*psi.** have any worthwhile content/users or are they all trolls?
nazi/scat trolls all seem to come from a certain domain, and i've never seen any actual content from it. so why are we still federated with it?

How do we feel about recommending services outside of the lemmyverse? - Members 2,162,171 Active Members 981 Which are insane numbers. [The known fediverse has 6,114,687 members](

The Lemmyverse fanfic/copy pasta about the state of lemmy Your little infiltrator isn't just another pawn. They're the one responsible for Lemmyml's condition. What? Sopuli: Despite what the world thinks, we're not just losers, or fedizens or gamers. The people in this sub, the leaders of the other seven instances, we're the ones that keep the fediverse safe from the evils everyone knows about! It's why we meet in encrypted rooms, why we work in the shadows. So you tell me, Midwest, when you brought your weebs to the federation, did you think you were being discreet, or did you just not give a damn!? Midwest: Discreet wasn't working. The people of fediverse needed someone to protect them; someone who would act. When they look to the federated timeline and see our weebs, they feel safe, and lemmygrad will feel our strength. Sopuli: (starts laughing) You... You think they're scared of your little weebs? I've been out there and I've seen the things she's made, and let me tell you - they are fear.

Unofficial "Welcome to Lemmy!"-page with a BIG list of 280+ communities, sortable by topic and activity
cross-posted from: > NRSK have made an unofficial info page for new and old users alike. > > If you are new, or want to introduce someone to Lemmy, maybe this can be a useful tool? Perhaps you're an old-timer who'll find some interesting new communities to subscribe to? > > If you have any feedback or want to add to the list, drop a comment or post in Right now the list is manually curated, but long term ideas such as direct user submissions is being explored.

Political Content on Sopuli
Whats the deal? Personally I exited to [get away from it.](

What instances allow porn? Bikini pics? Making a list:
* wolfballs - both exploding heads - has antiporn rule surprisingly

Establishing an acct migration norm
cross-posted from: > we can make this a tradition when people start on and then make an announcement post with their account contributions and announce account retirement, and choosing a smaller instance to migrate to. Also making the choice whether to confirm their next identity or continue anonymously.

What other instances should we reach out too for alternative subs?
It would be nice if we could organize it so it's not just one person reaching out to all the instance admins/random people. Already part of the federation: - - - - + - - - mod - - - --- waiting for a response from: --- no reply from/no; - mander admin - no reply in 2 months - - no reply in 2 months - --- affiliated: - feddit (german mostly) - (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish mostly) - (Russian)

Anyone want to join a fediverse spanning chess tournament?
cross-posted from: > *Roses are red* > > *Violets are blue* > > *You're gonna sign up for this chess tournament* > > --- > > --- > > # How to play: > > 0. Most important! Share this event as widely as possible! Post on the fediverse and even on your Facebook, Reddit, tiktok etc > > 1. Sign up in the comments here. Just say your signing up. > > 2. I'll arrange brackets. Or if you particularly want to play someone, mention it in the comments and I'll pair you guys up > > 3. I'm open to suggestions, but lichess seems like the easiest way to set up matches, but really, if you can get your opponent to agree to use like Minetest chess, go for it! > > 4. If someone off the fediverse wants to play, have them contact me somehow. You could even relay their messages to me. > > # prizes: > > - once [the fedizens enquirer news paper]( is up and running, you'll be featured there. > > - myself, [](, Michael from [Perthchat]( and/or []( will simp for you > > - paid tournament will follow later on, if enough interest > > --- > > Has this ever been attempted before?

Anyone else giving it a watch? I’ve linked to an article trashing it because it seems to be love / hate going on but coversely I’m digging it.

Lemmy instances that don't federate with Lemmygrad
I was asked to do a list of instances that don't federate with, so there it is (in addition to Sopuli): - - - - - - -

Visually the bits they show look great, will be interesting how they interpret/expand the stories.

Sopuli's Default Community

    Community for all jibber-jabber. As this is a hard-coded community for every instance, we may get this doing something useful.

    Meta-discussion regarding the instance !

    Yhteisö kaikenlaiselle pälätykselle. Koska tämä on kovakoodattu yhteisö jokaiselle instanssille, voimme tehdä tällä ehkä jotain hyödyllistä.

    Instanssia koskeva metakeskustelu !

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    A general-purpose instance run by a Finn - everyone is welcome here!

    Suomalaisen pyörittämä yleinen instanssi - kaikki ovat tänne tervetulleita!


    1. Remember the human! (no harassment, threats, etc.)
    2. No racism or other discrimination
    3. No Nazis, QAnon or conspiracy whackos (extremists in general) and no endorsement of them
    4. No porn
    5. No ads
    6. No spam


    1. Muista ihminen! (ei häirintää, uhkailua, jne)
    2. Ei rasismia tai muuta syrjintää
    3. Ei natseja, QAnonia tai salaliittohörhöjä (ääriliikkeitä ylipäänsä) eikä heidän tukemistaan
    4. Ei pornoa
    5. Ei mainoksia
    6. Ei roskapostia

    Matrix Space

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    Support and meta discussion / Tuki ja metakeskustelu: !

    “Liberal troll instance” (Lemmygrad)