**[The requisition of garbage collectors began in Paris following the mobilization against the pension reform. After a refusal from the mayor of Paris, we learned in the press that the prefect of Paris has retrieved the contact details of the agents to requisition them. The method raises questions.](** (Automatic translation) [@privacy]( > In addition to the conditions of urgency and breach of good order or health, it is clearly specified that an order is required to requisition any goods or services . In the case of the garbage collectors in Paris, it is their personal data that has been transmitted to the prefecture. The problem is that it seems difficult to qualify the list of service agents as a good. In any case, this raises questions. > > Recently the CNIL recalled the rules for the sale of files when Camaieu was put up for sale. The CNIL specified for example that this was possible but that informing people was important. > > In the case of garbage collectors, the situation is all the more complex as there was no requisition order until after the transmission of the list of 4000 agents of the city of Paris. The provisions of the General Code of Local Authorities on requisition have not been updated since the GDPR and seem quite obsolete. > > If we were in the context of a requisition, the basis of lawfulness of the mayor of Paris would probably have been the legal obligation. However, a recital of the GDPR on requisitions by public authorities casts doubt on the legality of the operation since recital 31 in question indicates that requisitions of this type "should not relate to the entirety of a file » . > > If the transmission of data had come within the scope of this recital, this would potentially mean that the request for all the names and addresses of the cleaning service agents could have posed a problem since it could have been considered that it related to the entire file. This would have remained at the discretion of the CNIL as the supervisory authority. ### [Linked here is the full post written by ]( [@David]( ### [![]( "")](

According to [libreddit]( > Official instance ( > > The official instance is hosted at And it's also still listed on [libreddit-instances]( But Today it hadn't worked for me at all.

Exposed data include patient names, birth dates, insurance information, and people's responses to mental health self-evaluations.

**Datenschutz ist in jedem Alter wichtig**. Darum baut das Lehrmittel auf Grundwissen auf, das Kinder ab dem Kindergartenalter stufengerecht erwerben. Es wurden **Lehrmittel** für die Zyklen 1-3 der Volksschule entwickelt, die den Schutz der **Privatsphäre** zum Thema haben und eine spielerische, altersgerechte Vermittlung der Inhalte ermöglichen.

Calling the FBI’s past abuses of Section 702 “egregious,” Darin LaHood—who is leading the House Intelligence Committee's working group pushing to reauthorize Section 702 amid a steeply divided Congress—said that “ironically,” being targeted by the FBI gives him a “unique perspective” on “what’s wrong with the FBI.”

“Our facial age estimation is a privacy-preserving solution," says Julie Dawson, chief policy and regulatory officer at Yoti.

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Third-party doctrine - Wikipedia
The third-party doctrine is a United States legal doctrine that holds that people who voluntarily give information to third parties—such as banks, phone companies, internet service providers (ISPs), and e-mail servers—have "no reasonable expectation of privacy" in that information. A lack of privacy protection allows the United States government to obtain information from third parties without a legal warrant and without otherwise complying with the Fourth Amendment prohibition against search and seizure without probable cause and a judicial search warrant.[1]

You are not just being tracked by a network of cameras, new tech can also detect who has been with you. US-based firm Vintra sells its co-appearance feature to the San Francisco 49ers, the IRS and police departments across the country, and the Chinese government uses co-appearance to spot protesters and dissidents.

Kind reminder: your whole internet traffic, encryption, backups, communication, shopping, writings, business interaction, etc are transferred through your router. Many internet service providers across Europe impose their own routers to consumers. This is a clear contradiction with the 🌐 Net Neutrality principle.

France aims to protect kids from parents oversharing pics online
**[PARIS — French parents had better think twice before posting too many pictures of their offspring on social media](** [@privacy]( > "The message to parents is that their job is to protect their children's privacy," Bruno Studer, an MP from President Emmanuel Macron's party who put the bill forward, said in an interview. "On average, children have 1,300 photos of themselves circulating on social media platforms before the age of 13, before they are even allowed to have an account," he added **[By LAURA KAYALI on Politico](**

How is it possible that NSA recorded nearly every cell phone conversation in the Bahamas, without th
cross-posted from: > The NSA recording nearly every cell phone conversation in the Bahamas, without the Bahamian government's permission, and similar programs in Kenya, the Philippines, Mexico and Afghanistan. > > From Wikipedia > > Did NSA have to hack every cell tower in the Bahamas?

...but participating websites aren't supposed to use it unless you "consent" 🤡

Freedom including the core freedom of privacy need to be respected by software: Why free software ma
Privacy means being in control of ones own personal information. It does not mean secrecy but deciding on your own what you share and with whom and what you do not share. On computers you can only have this control over your data when you have control over your computer. You should be the one deciding what your computer does, what software runs on its processor, what it does with your hardware and what it does with your data. That is your personal freedom. Software should respect this freedom. That means you have to be in control of the software. This requires the following things: * You should have the freedom to use the software for any purpose. Only you should decide and control what you do with your hardware and data. * You should have the freedom to see what the software does. The software should be transparent and open source. To be in control of your data and your hardware, to be able to freely decide over it software should be open source so that you and anyone else who obtains a copy of it can freely check and see for themselves what the software does. * You should be allowed to freely modify the software. To be in control of the software and in extent your device and data you need to have the right to modify the software to your liking: to remove any features that you dislike, that handle your hardware or data in a way you do not approve of, to modify features to your liking so that they suit your use case and use your hardware and data in the way you choose and to add new features so that you can do with your hardware and data what you choose to. * You should be allowed to freely redistribute and publish the software and your modifications to it. You should not be forced to keep your copy of the software and your changes to it to yourself. Others should have the ability to profit of them as well if you want them to and you should have the ability to profit of the work and modifications of others if they want you to be able to. Your freedoms over your device are only effective if you can run the software developed and published by anyone. You should not need to develop all changes to the software yourself. Everyone including people who cannot develop software themselves should have freedom over their device and data and people developing and modifying software should have the freedom to collaborate and to build upon another. Innovation, peace, human culture and progress depend on people working together and building on the work of others. Software that adheres to these freedoms is called free software. Free as in freedom. You can only own a device if it runs free software. You can only have privacy if your personal information is processed by free software. This work is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Mysterious leak of reservation data is being used to scam customers
Mysterious leak of reservation data is being used to scam customers

Interesting Arguments, confusing, but interesting.

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