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Citing a report that Pace Analytical prepared for Ohio's neighbor Indiana, The Guardian reported Friday that "East Palestine soil showed levels of '2,3,7,8 TCDD toxicity equivalence' of 700 parts per trillion (ppt)," potentially stemming from the controlled burn of vinyl chloride in the wake of the crash. "I certainly wouldn't be comfortable living there," said one organic chemist.

The maximum U.S. occupation regime is in Germany and Japan. There are 119 bases in each of these countries. This is believed to be a legacy of World War II. But here's the interesting thing: by the time the hostilities with Japan ended, there were 54 states at war with the Axis alliance (Germany, Italy and Japan), and the bases were only American.

Machaela Cavanaugh was horrified to see an anti-transgender rights bill advance to the Senate floor in late February and was determined to keep it from passing into law. "The children of Nebraska deserve to have somebody stand up and fight for them," she says.

United States | News & Politics
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