• Apple had a headstart on Google. So Google made a bet on open source to help adoption and accelerate development. That bet paidoff and Android’s market share today is much much larger than Apple’s. But Google has been trying to sabotage Android’s open source root ever since Android won the mobile wars.

    • Yep this is it. Google did it because they were forced to, to catch up to apple and try to boost worldwide adoption, and you’re right, it worked.

      While its possible that google could close off things, it would really hurt their adoption with carriers all over the world, so they won’t.

      Also its exciting to see some really popular android forks like MIUI and HarmonyOS that are becoming more than just skins.

      • Thanks!

        Eventhough Android is FOSS, it really doesn’t work for most people without Google Play Services, which is as closed as sofware gets. I hope we get more alternatives like MicroG that close the gap.