• From time to time I try to tell women about manosphere. More often than not they don’t take it seriously as if I’m talking about some abstract math equations which have no relation to reality.

    Consequently a lot of feminists look past problems males face. That often makes me confused. I see how society treats men and I sincerely fail to grasp why would anyone want to be just as disposable, exploited, abused and lonely as men.

    Men and women gotta understand the perspectives of one another and try to lift up conditions of us all. We’re in this together.

    • I agree. We all have our difficulties depending on our skin color, economic class, gender identity, etc. We are all humans with an intricate set of pros and cons facing us. Personally, I’m invested in Beehaw because I want to leave something positive behind for all of us.

      Will Beehaw be here ten years from now? Will more people contribute to Beehaw? Will the fediverse succeed with its general vision?

      What Beehaw is now is worth fighting for. Let’s all dream big and, hopefully, we can have positive spaces on the Internet and in our local communities.