Update Lemmy.ml’s Code of Conduct

Due to the recent ban of a wolfballs.com-user for “Bigotry and racism on his main account on Wolfball.” it is requested that Lemmy.ml updates the Code of Conduct to reflect actual moderation. Please consider adding that Lemmy.ml will ban users for comments made with other accounts on other instances.

I think that’s still a valid reason for banning even if it’s not explicitly in the rules. If wolfballs were federated with lemmy.ml, the user’s main account would certainly be banned from this instance, and setting up another account on lemmy.ml would be seen as ban evasion, causing the new account to also be banned. So it makes no sense to not ban their account just because lemmy.ml blocks wolfballs and thus had no opportunity to ban their main account; in fact it makes negative sense because now we’re letting someone use our instance because their behavior was so unacceptable that we blocked their instance.

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