I don’t see much point in bookmark to an article, kept in a browser. I keep bookmarks in firebox for search engines shortcuts and bookmarklets to automate stuff.

change my mind Interesting stuff should have a destination

This destination is either trashbin or archive

if it’s an article and nothing else --> scrape it, read it, post your thoughts about it and delete it

If you need an archive of sources --> use zotero, connect sources together in a project, make final product, archive the sources

If it’s a cool service (you don’t plan to use) --> toot about it with your review and appropriate tags. Why? Services die, next time you need it, it is probably be either dead or too mainstream to keep it in bookmarks (do you keep wikipedia.org in your bookmarks?). So don’t bother keeping it orderly, just let other people try it out. (if it’s smt sensitive like porn/gore, just set up a new account specifically for that)

TLDR: bookmarks are dead, long live the toots

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