Ukraine: Perils of War for Children in Institutions
The war in Ukraine has had devastating consequences for children in residential institutions.

The war in Ukraine has devastating consequences for children in residential institutions, Human Rights Watch says. In a 55-page report, the organization has documented Russia’s forcible transfer of Ukrainian children to Russia or Russian-occupied territory.


This is related:

Russia deports thousands of Ukrainian children

The report […] describes a system of holding facilities that stretch from the Black Sea coast to Siberia.

“In some cases there is adoption, other cases summer camp programs where the kids were slated to return home and never did,” [a researcher] says, “and in some cases they are re-education camps.”

[…] in May 2022, when Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a new decree that made it quick and easy to adopt Ukrainian children, which was next to impossible before the war. In addition, Russian officials announced it would extend government support to Russian families who adopt Ukrainian children.

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