• I got news before the wire got news, especially for things like sports trades. It was also good to follow a lot of fellow nerds sharing their arduino/pi projects. Musicians? Also check.

    And then the absolute best part; suddenly I could look into minority spaces and look at our society through the lens of their collective shared experiences, which is way better than presuming my experience is the one everyone has. I grew a lot following all those twitter peoples, and Masto isn’t really doing the same (tho Mekka Okereke on hachyderm is still a great follow).

    Now all of that is basically gone for me and I have to wait for the news like it’s the god damned 1980’s and I hate it

    • i can still make twitter work with tweetdeck and heavily curated lists but i fully anticipate this will eventually be axed and i’ll have to manually check news sites a lot more frequently than i currently do