Twitter founder and former chief executive Jack Dorsey tweeted Thursday that he regrets the social media platform became a company.

If only something like that existed already. Hmmm…

But Jack’s probably just doing PR before going to investors for his new “idea”.

Someone tell this guy that Mastodon exists.

I have a username

When asked about what structure he wished Twitter would operate under, Dorsey said that it should be “a protocol” and that Twitter should not be owned by a state or another company.

If it were a protocol, Twitter would operate much like email, which is not controlled by one centralized entity, and people using different email providers are able to communicate with one another.

I’ve always wondered if decentralized solutions are just such a small blip to these types of companies that their heads just don’t care to know about them, or are their heads so far up their own keisters that they are oblivious that they do infact exist.

Twitter was good when it was just a platform for sending an SMS length message and there was no advertising. Mastodon has taken that solutions and ran with it while Twitter basically became garbage. Something that happened while Doresy was running the show. I can’t imagine that he was against the major shift, just now having regrets after he stepped away.

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