I use Pocket and tagging. I just have found hierarchies to be more trouble than they’re worth. Pocket also syncs with my ereader, so if I get off track I can just sync my ereader with Pocket before I head off to lunch and read with my meal.

I do this. I got it from vimb, and hacked it into surf when I switched. I have a bash script that I use to do basic out-of-browser operations: add, search, remove dupes, etc. And hot keys in surf to add, search.

It’s a plain text file (tsv, actually), one link per line, a name, and then space-separated tags. No hierarchy, and I can search by tag, name, or URL. It’s like gmail. Plus, I can open the file with vim - practically, not the faux “human-readable” of XML.

The only problem is, I’m so loath to give up this most pragmatic of formats that I’m effectively stuck in surf or vimb. I actively hate the Firefox bookmark format.

Hi all, new to lemmy this is my first post :)

For me it has always been a pain to manage bookmarks mostly due to the fact that I switch browser every few years and sometimes use different browsers for different contexts. In the past I also did front web development for which I had to use multiple browser profiles and platforms.

My main bookmark store has always been firefox because it supports tags which I use massively. I also used to use the mobile app with the sync service but the user experience is horrendous. You get a big ugly folder selection interface with no easy way to add keywords, basically hinting you to use their “profit making” Pocket service. On my PC I use mostly Qutebrowser which is based on chromium and has a very basic bookmark system.

Actually this problem was so much annoying that I started working on my own solution in the last 2 years. I wanted a tool that has zero dependencies on any external plugin, can handle any browser, or as a matter of fact, anything that needs to be saved for later, and no need for cloud it can work on a single machine or be self-hosted to sync between multiple machines.

tldr; it’s such a pain I’m making my own solution

I don’t use bookmarks often but I really use them just like a prioritized browser history. If I know that I might want to visit a page again I bookmark it, maybe add some keywords, then pull it up by typing in the URL bar. The point of the bookmark is mostly to ensure that is is synced to all devices and ranks with a high priority. However another benefit is for websites with hard-to-understand URLs the bookmark icon can indicate that this is the one that I want.

The most frequently-used are direct links in the bookmarks bar (with single-letter titles, to display 25 across).

All others, I keep in folders.

To access the ones in folders, you can just type a keyword in the url-bar, and a dropdown will display relevant bookmarks (using chromium).

(for example, you can type ‘coconut’, and bookmarks which contain that keyword will appear)


I don’t see much point in bookmark to an article, kept in a browser. I keep bookmarks in firebox for search engines shortcuts and bookmarklets to automate stuff.

change my mind Interesting stuff should have a destination

This destination is either trashbin or archive

if it’s an article and nothing else --> scrape it, read it, post your thoughts about it and delete it

If you need an archive of sources --> use zotero, connect sources together in a project, make final product, archive the sources

If it’s a cool service (you don’t plan to use) --> toot about it with your review and appropriate tags. Why? Services die, next time you need it, it is probably be either dead or too mainstream to keep it in bookmarks (do you keep wikipedia.org in your bookmarks?). So don’t bother keeping it orderly, just let other people try it out. (if it’s smt sensitive like porn/gore, just set up a new account specifically for that)

TLDR: bookmarks are dead, long live the toots

I have put bookmarks for websites mainly to Firefox’s bookmark menu. I have put RSS feeds and bookmarklets for Instapaper and archive.is into the bookmark bar.

Same here, I put everything in folders within Firefox, no tagging. But I also have a wallabag account to keep more interesting stuff.

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