Once I got into good habits (going back to school + going to the climbing gym), I quickly ran out of free time, but life is good. That said there’s still a few hours of downtime each week.

Working on 2009scape or packaging Linux apps on Flathub. Procrastinating usually just leads to a few games of chess though, since coding at my job 10+ hours a day only leaves time to work on community projects when work is slow.

Recently I’ve been using Lemmy and Mastodon slot during free times. It’s winter here so I don’t like going outside, but when it’s warmer I enjoying hikes and long walks.


I love walking (either hiking in nature or walking around and discovering new parts of my city), have recently gotten into running (I’m terrible at it, but oh, the dopamine!!), and read a lot of books!

Reading books is a requirement for not falling into the addiction of instant dopamine hits modern technology provides

Lionel C-R

I like testing new self hosted software and some other techy stuff.

I also like playing vr racing Sims.

When the weather allows it I like taking my rc car out. But I do not have that much free time, specially since mini me was born.


Writing, listening to music, learning Stenogrophy, and practicing Euphonium.

Gaming, going to the gym, reading books, programming, hanging out with my friends, going to bars… during summer I usually hang out with my friends at parks.

I do a lot of reading but I also game, do some amateur photography, check on my abandoned plants, and watch videos

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