It is not uncommon to learn about non-Indigenous entities appropriating Indigenous culture but none of them are as large, prestigious, nor well-known as The Apache® Software Foundation is in software circles.

Yeah its lame that the actual apaches don’t own the trademark, but the apache org is just a charity making free software, so I feel like the native american tribes should be able to get along with them.

the org should make a donation to some charity, and the tribes should let them use the name; anything else seems unreasonable.

The quote:

I had just seen a documentary about Geronimo and the last days of a Native American tribe called the Apaches, right, who succumbed to the invasion from the West, from the United States, and they were the last tribe to give up their territory and for me that almost romantically represented what I felt we were doing with this web-server project

from Brian Behlendorf is what really gets me, though. We are, after all, talking about a series of events that resulted in so many people being killed, there was a significant impact on the atmosphere’s CO2 content[1]. It hurts a lot, having your trauma be transformed into a cultural sensation of the people who inflicted it.

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