The bill eliminates a requirement that the state verify the age of children under 16 before companies can hire them.

Similar bills in favor of child labor in the US were recently passed in Minnesota, Iowa and New Jersey, while child labor violations are on the rise across the country, reports say. For example, see here or here.

The federal government reportedly investigates more than 600 child labor cases across nation

This perfectly aligns with the content of their character. I used to work really hard when I was a kid, helping my dad build stuff. But this was because I needed to do that to support my dad who was ailing from a heart condition and self employed. You should not do this to make money. Specially if that money is not your money at the end of the payroll. On the other hand, I learned so much from working with my dad at his level that I find it the best time of my life. There should be paid internships and apprenticeships…not slave labor at 16years old. What’s wrong with these republican crazies?

This is less about reps and more about the workings of capitalist system. What we currently observe is the phase where the falling profit margins are catching up with slowing expansion or even decline. Therefore the competition itself (be it aginst other capitalists or rather, since this is monopolist phase, against the dogma that profits must always go up) forces savings on the variable capital going harder and further than usual. Especially it is combined with labour movement being the weakest since XIX century.

Reps are sure the first offenders, but give it some time and you would have dems doing it too, with probably much louder justification propaganda.


What happens here is completely devastating, and I absolutely disagree with it, but I don’t understand your explanation.

What we currently observe is the phase where the falling profit margins …

No. Profits of US companies were at pre-pandemic levels already in Q3/2020 (with a slight decrease in Q4/2020), and we have been measuring a steady increase since. In Q3/2022 we saw record profits with a slight decrease in the following quarter, but an all-time high of USD +3tn in the third quarter last year (I couldn’t find data for Q4/2022 and later in my 5 minute research). Corporate profits were roughly 20% higher in Q3/2022 compared to pre-pandemic levels.

the competition itself (be it aginst other capitalists or rather, since this is monopolist phase …

What now? Is there competition or do we have a monopoly?

… forces savings on the variable capital going harder and further than usual.

What does that mean? What are ‘savings on the variable capital’? And what does capital do if it goes harder?

Oh boy. I won’t tell you to read “Capital”, but if you want to understand terms like “profit margins” or “variable capital” and it’s relations to capitalism, and also about the “Imeprialism: th highest state of capitalism” (that’s about monopolies, and this one is Lenin’s book) you should get right in. Or at least see one of numerous reading guides for marxism.

Very short and unadequate explanation: profit margins are the relation between profits and invested capital, the trend is that profit margins are historically falling averagely when the absolute amount of profit might be record at the same time.

Competition - i mentioned competition because it is easier to understand how capitalism is developing itself (and it still exist in various sectors or places locally) - capital tends to concentrate, whomever is not either monopoly or cutting edge of the profit margins gets marginalised and eventually eaten by competition. But major sectors of economy in US are effectively monopolies for decades now.

Savings on the variable capital are savings on labour costs. This can occur in many forms - intensifying productivity, longer hours, pay cuts, safety cuts, etc. etc. Also of course children labour, since you pays children less. If you look at history of labour laws, every positive change always required labour movement to fight for it, and/or have external pressure (like the establishment of socialist countries and revolution threat had significant impact over labour laws in Europe and even US).

Currently the labour movement is weakest it had been in maybe 1,5 century, and capitalism is nearing yet another point of crisis (probably worst since Great Depression, some even predict worse) so of course you do have things like children labour being considered and attempting to implement.


It doesn’t make sense to answer a question with another random sequence of words. I end this conversation now.


Lol “I dont understand so I’m going to flip over the table and leave”.

I tried to explain it to you, because otherwise i would have to just answer “Read Marx”.

Anyway, thanks for openly stating you’re not here in the good faith, you saved me quite a lot of time.


I suspect atleast some form of pathology here (reps), very dark triad behavior being expressed by republicans. I dont want to go off my epistemic boundaries but a lot of their behavior feels very narcissistic and sociopathic in nature.

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