Helix 🧬

Oh so they only have 99.9% availability instead of 99.95%? That’s surely better than the hobbyists running the Fediverse.

I like to shit on huge sites like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook etc. all day long but their SREs are usually doing a very good job on keeping the site running. 100% uptime is nearly unachievable, at my job (as an SRE!) 99.5% is actually the benchmark, depending on the metric.


That’s a good point.

Consider also that reddit is centralized (one software, one organization, one domain) while the fediverse is decentralized (multiple software, multiple orgs, multiple domains).

One Lemmy instance being unavailable would impact a portion of fediverse users. Reddit being unavailable impact all reddit users.

I hope that this outage brings more attention to Lemmy

eh, the outage would have to last several days at least for that. a few years go it’d parp out like that on a regular basis.

Helix 🧬

few years go it’d parp out like that on a regular basis.

yes, actually the availability of big sites is pretty impressive if you look at it from a technical standpoint, especially for those huge (legacy) code bases. You saw that when Twitter got its SREs and developers removed, it took only a week to start crumbling and having weird outages and bugs.

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