Switch is now the 3rd best-selling game console of all time, behind the DS and the legendary PlayStation 2

Helix 🧬

It’s a pretty good console, but it’s a shame it’s so closed off compared to the Steam Deck. Nintendo does Nintendo things…

I also got one as a gift last year. It is a really cool device, but I miss emulators for old games like they used to have on the Wii U.

I really like that you can just put the Switch in the dock and seamlessly switch to playing on your TV. I’ve always wondered if this couldn’t be done with mobile phones using the USB-C port. Modern high-end phone SoCs should also be able to outperform the Switch’s Tegra X1.

To take the last paragraph a step further, it would be so cool if our tiny ultra-mobile pocket computers could be used in a variety of ways by attaching them to TV docks (for gaming and entertainment), PC docks (for work) or “hardware-less” laptop or tablet cases for mobile working - in short, a convergence experience that goes beyond PureOS or Ubuntu Touch.


well, you can already plug a keyboard, a mouse and an external display into a Steam Deck and have a fully fledged desktop environment.

Thank, I didn’t know about that. However, Steam Deck is pretty clunky compared to smart phones 😬

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