Country expects wind to be its largest energy source by 2027

This plant caused the French company who helped building it, to go bankrupt. Gen 3 nuclear plants looks very expensive to build then. However these kind of plants do not produce any side-product which is good for producing bombs or other radioactive weapon. They have no military support then (and maybe neither government?), compared to gen 2.

Olkiluoto 3, Finland’s own Sagrada Família and Star Citizen. It was really frustrating to read news about the plant getting delayed year by year. Especially during winter it felt like moving the goalposts, there always were some kind of “technical problems” with getting the plant deployed. I’m glad that it’s over, and so is getting gas from Russia.

Thoralf Will

Well, if you socialize all the costs around it (insurance, waste disposal for the next couple of hundred thousand years, etc.) it’s really cheap. If you calculate the true costs, it’s pretty much the most expensive way to generate electricity. And it’s not renewable either.


You know we live in the west, we’re rich by default and we can afford anything we want (but it’s actually a poor world) #sarcasm

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