‘They’re stationed in front like targets’ Russia is sending untrained conscripts to defend its border in Belgorod — Meduza
At the start of September 2022, the Russian authorities began sending conscripts in large numbers to the country’s Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine. Technically, the young men are stationed “outside of the conflict zone,” as is required by law. In reality, however, they spend their days digging trenches and hiding from shellfire in dugouts, according to journalists from the independent outlet 7x7. The conscripts’ relatives have filed official complaints with the Defense Ministry and even held protests calling for the authorities to “pull their sons out” of the border area; officials have responded by threatening to prosecute the relatives and retaliate against the conscripts themselves. Meduza summarizes 7x7’s investigation.

While the Belgorod conscripts aren’t officially participating in the war, they regularly come under fire; many have suffered injuries, and at least seven have been killed. At the beginning of the war, the country’s leadership, including President Vladimir Putin himself, promised that no conscripts would be involved in the “special military operation.”


Given their reputation, they should be glad Wagner mercenaries aren’t involved instead of conscripts.

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