Visual Studio Code 2022 | Web Dev Setup | Top Extensions, Themes, Settings, Tips & Tricks
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Do you want to learn how to become a web developer in 2022? The first step is to pick a code editor. codeSTACKr shows how we can get set up in order to start learning the basics and essentials of VSCode for HTML/CSS, and web development in general.

This tutorial will highlight a lot of the basics for developing web design and code within Visual Studio Code (VSCode). The highlights in this video include:

  1. Installing VSCode
  2. Configuring VSCode for web development. (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  3. Top themes examples
  4. Tips, and features of VSCode as a web development IDE
  5. Installing some of the video author’s favorite extensions.

This video is intended for beginners, but it can be a slight refresher for anyone looking to change IDE’s, or someone getting into/back-into web development entirely!

1. Installing VSCode

1, Installing VSCodium

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