Jim Hume column: Beware the majority opinion — it’s wrong all too often
As we move ever closer to the fateful day when political tongues will be fully unleashed and election rhetoric swells over us with tsunami ferocity, let us remember this: majority decisions, whether by people or by elected governments, are not always

Majority opinion being wrong and unjust is not new. Our democratic history is littered with examples of majority opinions being not just wrong, but the very opposite of democracy when those opinions were shaped into laws.

Listen carefully to the volumes of promises and plans about to be delivered; hear what the politicians are saying. Think for yourself. And never forget that most of the great social changes in our lives have been brought about only when minority movements forced sheeplike majorities to listen.


Revolutions must be imposed on the other part of the population, this is why

Are you an Anarchist? The answer might surprise you!


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