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Yeah he’s a shit just like all the rest. The difference is that he’s also a narcissist, so he is making more people aware of what people like him are really like.

Just because a country is communist doesn’t mean they will automatically be better for the environment. However a communist country is better equipped and more willing to take actions to solve these real problems.

They aren’t concentration camps. The area had an issue with terrorist attacks, so the Chinese government being marxist leninists used materialist analysis to determine that poverty caused people to turn to violent ideologies, so they worked extra hard to give the people in the area an education, these centers they went to were essentially just schools, not concentration camps. In addition to this they worked on improving the infrastructure in the area.

Also something most people don’t know is that these extremist groups were recruiting people on Facebook and the CPC asked facebook to do something about it and they refused, so then China banned Facebook from the country.