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Rochko said at the time he was unaware of the connotation. “Probably not a lot of people know this now, but Mastodon’s web app started out with ‘Publish’. In 2016, a famous YouTuber jokingly offered to support Mastodon’s Patreon forever if I changed the button to say ‘Toot’ instead. Needless to say, this was a really early, and not very informed decision. The first glimpse of attention and financial support. As a non-native speaker I had no idea there was another meaning,” Rochko said in a post last May.

Source: https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2022/11/mastodon-has-officially-retired-the-toot-its-version-of-the-tweet/

The EU accelerates sustainable urban transformation. It commits to create 100 climate neutral and smart cities by 2030.

I have been using BÉPO on my phone since a few years. It is a keyboard layout optimised for French, based on the principle of Dvorak. https://wikiless.org/wiki/BÉPO I still use AZERTY on all my physical keyboards as the switch is much harder, especially with my company or customers ones… The switch from a layout on a phone to a different one on a physical keyboard is transparent.

The real one is the first result on Qwant.

My guess would be FreeCAD but I’ve never used it so I’m not sure.

Did not know about this. GeoNature is interesting to find places where a specific animal is often seen. It’s very cool these tools are open source. I wish they will be adopted more broadly.

Active, with my feed configured on my subscriptions. In a post, I systematically switch on “top”, which is annoying to repeat this action every time. I would love to be able to configure independantly the sorting method for the feed and for the posts.

publication croisée depuis : https://lemmy.ml/post/197440 > Crowdfounding project on KissKissBankBank > BE

publication croisée depuis : https://lemmy.ml/post/197440 > Crowdfounding project on KissKissBankBank

The Austrian Data Protection Authority has decided that the use of Google Analytics violates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Other EU member states could follow suit, as regulators cooperate in a task force in the European Data Protection Board.

It seems surprising to be greeted by a cookies banner on such a website. There isn’t even the option to reject them.