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I wouldn’t touch it on the account of it’s crypto stuff.

Completely misleading title. Raising the debt limit would help to avoid a recession and job cuts. If Congress does nothing, the economy would be fucked.

Sorry another Elon Musk post, but I found this one pretty interesting. Shows how useless being a “CEO” is, and actually harmful to your organization if you’re someone like Musk.

And you’ll know business owners will take every loophole they can get, especially if it means fucking over the American taxpayer.

The mockup below by @0x1C3B00DA@lemmy.ml looks pretty close to how I was envisioning it. It definitely looks off, and that’s why my preferred implementation is that Mastodon (and the other microblog services) add title support. Since they won’t or aren’t, I would rather that non-local content is preserved how it was, without too significant guesswork to fill in each platforms’ fields. Titleless, but preserving the post and not having a poor title is preferable to me than an awkward title that anyone on mastodon doesn’t see and doesn’t know about.

Allowing for people on lemmy to submit titleless posts can be allowed, since the tech would already be in the front-end to display it. Doesn’t have to be allowed, though.

It looks like you’re just supposed to redirect the draft page. See here, #17

Titles could become optional for short text posts. You could allow up to 500 characters in the body field to be a stand alone post title-less, which automatically adds support for all fedimicroblog services. This would have to be a setting per community to allow title-less posts or not, including a warning that this would break compatibility with mastodon, etc.

Nice. Medium is a blog-type site, right? Wish they mentioned if they were working on having the blogs be federated.

The article is asking for people to not be filming people for TikToks or whatever, especially without consent

Pretty much. If doing “anything to upset the employer” is outlawed, you can’t quit because “think of the lost profits”.

The title had me thinking it may be something similar to The Matrix. Thankful that is not the case.

ChatGPT would be the last place I’d ask.

it’s all soap…? You eat food with hands too so i don’t see the issue

The idea is that we showcase the communities from smaller instances, to promote federation.

It feels less arbitrary to me that the community about lemmy can be hosted on lemmy.ml? Maybe thats just me though.

Thanks for listing the rest of the other communities, they definitely will be included on the list.

Just to note the title is misleading – these were not staff nor paid. They got it right in the article, at least:

Two high-ranking “admins” – volunteer administrators with privileged access to Wikipedia, including the ability to edit fully protected pages – have been imprisoned since they were arrested on the same day in September 2020, the two bodies added.