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“I’m like a little colorful flower in a gray grass world” ~someone, probably

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Hi Yes, that was my plan and my hope. Things did not really go as planned tho. I have been a bit busy and I have not been able to dedicate much time to this, but I am currently trying to implement the RSS feed to to try and engage more and direct them here.

I can not assure they will join, I believe I told you that I was trying/testing if it could work. I hope you understand and keep it a bit longer for me to try more and I totally understand your comment. But if I don’t succeed I am very sorry to have wasted your time and i apologize for it.

An event that aims to raise awareness about the **climate crisis**, its impact on the **world** and **people** and the concept of **intersectionality** with some activists of **Fridays For Future sudan** and **Extinction Rebellion Indonesia** movements and environmental scientist and youtuber **Kurtis Baute** Learn more about the speaker and the event at The event will take place **June 20 at 2pm UTC** in telegram and will also be available in jitsi, the link will be published at before the event