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According to my understanding, the instances to be listed at join-lemmy are collected with a crawler. The crawler seems to have had problems, and this makes me curious. I am not suspecting anything like my instance not being fit for being listed there.

Tried the RE:4 demo on my PC running Pop OS and the performance is trash. Even thought I deployed the newly released Proton Hotfix, the performance is between 30-60 FPS with huge frame-time spikes occasionally. The game froze several times, and I had to reboot my PC. AMD’s FidelityFX didn’t make really a difference, image quality started to reach potato levels. There were also several graphical glitches like this:

My PC is roughly according to the recommended specs for the game, so this is infuriating.

Sopuli also runs on a VPS of similar specs with Ubuntu, and again a Linux distribution doesn’t really matter.

Brendan Fraser finally won an Oscar, talk about a redemption arc!

Dad I can’t click a book

Similarly it wouldn’t be a surprise if the industry had its hand in trying to make this an American culture war issue.

Sopuli down, updated to version 0.17.2 and a new logo / Sopuli alhaalla, päivitetty versioon 0.17.2
Sopuli was down today because of my own mishaps and a resulting database problem. In the evening I started to fix the problems, and at the same time I updated Sopuli to [Lemmy's version 0.17.2]( Everything should be alright now, even though my favorite theme i386 isn't anymore among selectable themes. In addition to software update, Sopuli's logo was also updated to a newer and finer one. I did the original logo in 15 minutes on MS Paint, so the difference between the new one is like night and day. The new logo has been made for us by William Rudi (, ). -------- Sopuli oli tänään alhaalla oman möhlimiseni ja siitä seuranneen tietokantaongelman kautta. Illalla rupesin ratkomaan ongelmia, ja samalla päivitin Sopulin [Lemmyn versioon 0.17.2]( Kaiken pitäisi nyt olla kunnossa, mitä nyt valittavien teemojen joukossa ei enää ole oma suosikkini i386. Ohjelmiston päivittämisen lisäksi Sopulin logo myös päivitettiin uuteen ja hienompaan. Tein alkuperäisen logon 15 minuutissa MS Paintilla, joten ero on uuteen logoon verrattuna kuin yöllä ja päivällä. Uuden logon on meille tehnyt William Rudi (, ).

This NY Times opinion piece about cancel culture has become my “tome” regarding the subject. That thing about Dixie Chicks embodies the thesis number 8: “The right and the left both cancel; it’s just that today’s right is too weak to do it effectively.”

Today the people with the most to fear from a right-wing cancel culture usually work inside Trump-era professional conservatism. (And even for them there’s often a new life awaiting as a professional NeverTrumper.) Attempted cancellations on the right are mostly battles for control over diminishing terrain, with occasional forays against red-state academics and anti-Trump celebrities. Meanwhile, the left’s cancel warriors imagine themselves conquering the entire non-Fox News map.

Also American right-wingers complain about the left virtue signaling but they have their own symbols for that. Think about MAGA merchandise and other Trump symbols, “Blue Lives Matter”, “Support our troops” stickers, supporting “traditional values” and so on.

As someone on Reddit said: > Ubisoft can work on 10 AC games at once, but can't work on 1 Rayman game every 10 years. Looks like Ubisoft has become creatively bankrupt; if they previously had dropped the ball, they don't even see the ball!

I saw High on Fire in Tuska last summer, really energetic and sweaty gig.

nothing new :D

In USA, but this is to be expected there.

That is downright reactionary. What next, they bring back asbestos as a building material?

IMO Sabotage was the culmination of the original Sabbath’s musical evolution. Sabbath started to go gradually into a more progressive and experimental direction from Vol. 4 onwards, which complemented the band’s sound and wasn’t just laying heavy riffs one after another. It wasn’t change only for change’s sake, which happened with the following album Technical Ecstasy.

With Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die Sabbath lost its identity. Sabbath hadn’t previously cared about trends but now it was following them, the sound changed to resemble more generic 70s rock. The previous albums had experimentation but the band retained its focus, but this time they became unfocused with ideas flowing into many directions. Apparently several record company executives had a role in this.

Those albums were also symptoms of the band’s problems, internal turmoil and increasing drug problems. Van Halen was co-headlining Sabbath’s Never Say Die tour, and with its energy it made Sabbath look like tired old geezers.

This article where a NY Times columnist has a discussion with Bing gets really disturbing at points.

[Bing writes a list of even more destructive fantasies, including manufacturing a deadly virus, making people argue with other people until they kill each other, and stealing nuclear codes. Then the safety override is triggered and the following message appears.]

Sorry, I don’t have enough knowledge to talk about this. You can learn more on

The Pikmin series use it, obviously for Pikmins.

Showing this at Super Bowl cost approximately 7 million dollars, think about it.

Lots of effort has been certainly made for remastering the game for Switch. The models have been given higher polycount, higher resolution textures, more advanced lighting, all made with the HD era in mind. A lazy studio would have just tweaked things here and there, changed the rendering resolution to HD and called it a day.

I just looked up that the remaster supports diverse control options such as conventional twin-stick way, gyro aiming and the original. Another reason to applaud this remaster.

No you didn’t. that put the wrong community name into this post’s title.

What the everloving hell, SkyCorp Home Video’s YouTube channel disappeared! Apparently it got hacked.

A promotional Twitter account for Sopuli could have potential, and it could tweet in English and Finnish.

Actually, I have to ask the founder of /r/sopuli to make me a mod.

Funny how Matt Taibbi didn’t tell about this of all things.

It should be also noted that Hersh has based this article into single anonymous source, like many times before. He has also spread downright conspiratorial claims before:

Winning Pulitzer in the 60s-70s doesn’t mean that the guy doesn’t weer into the deep end of conspiracy theories. Hersh also has also written favourably about Putin and Assad. According to him, Assad didn’t use chemical weapons, and Osama bin Laden wasn’t responsible for 9/11.

According to my understarding, it’s just because of the crawler.

That Rob Colbert guy has also explained in a video why “ActivityPub sucks” on his opinion.

At last I agree with Soviet Snake about something! Also that Wiggle guy is totes not denying the holocaust:

Oooh, we have a genius here! In case you were too nosy to not notice, here’s what this community is about.

About the subject itself, is OP suggesting that fake PR events should be made to promote Fediverse or something? That’s only how this would make sense.

No I won’t, the weather is too cold for her to get here anyways. Also it looks like Exploding Heads is becoming a place for Wolfballs refugees.

How long until it replaces Jerry Seinfeld? Wonder what he, Larry David & co think of this - not that this breaks any copyrights.

Choose an user of your instance, press the three-dot-button --> There is an option “appoint as admin”.

The year of the Linux desktop has been going on for the last few years.

“I, fucking my lost cat.”