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It’s something I don’t understand either. It is not even that complicated to irretrievably destroy data on a disk, without destroying the disk that they themselves can continue to use later perfectly. They are manias and ignorance of bureaucrats who established this norm, acting with the HD in the same way as it has always been done with the documents, putting them in the shredder. Yes, there are methodes to restore the data even in a formatted disk, because of this are apps which, apart to format the disc fill the whole disk and the FAT with zeroes and thats it’s, then only rest to format it to make the HD usable again. Even permits to destroy documents selectivly in the disk.

The Asian diet has similar benefits, plus both are the tastiest. I am from Spain and adding to the diet, there are also very good Beer and Vine.

That different animals associate is quite common in nature when this gives them advantages in obtaining food, for survival and other reasons. For example, there are associations between ravens and wolves, monkeys and wild boars, certain birds with antelopes, spiders with mice, shrimp with fish, etc… That chimpanzees and golilas are associated makes good sense, chimpanzees have good protection and gorillas can obtain food from resources that they normally do not have, since they cannot climb trees.

I know, but it’s a tecnical information that its now online. There are also a lot of alternatives out there which are free to use, like Nightcafe, also very good or even Dall-E (the first) or better Craiyon, completly free and some others which you can find in AlternativeTo. There is also ArtBreeder (no is text2image, it works in another manner), which is also paid, but permits a free use, but limit the up or downloads of images to mix, but there are a lot of images you can use for source and instead of download, well, use simply a screenshot ;)

What I said, with less words. No money >no rights. Current democracy is only the right to vote every 4 years the more o less spokesmen of the economic powers, There is no true sovereignty of the people, this is in the hands of the banks and the so-called markets.

In capitalism, behind each article of the universal declaration of human rights there is an addition “…only if you have money to pay for it”

Dall-e and Craiyon are OpenSource and free to use, while Dalle2 is paid proprietary soft (well. not very expensive anyway). There are currently a lot of text to image AI services out there, some free and others paid soft, like Nightcafe, Deepdream generator, Dreamstudio, Wombo Art, etc. I think that in the future with this AI hype there would be a lot more AI apps and services. Currently I use an AI search assistant, still in alpha but works like a charm, apart it’s the most private search engine I know, no ads, no trackers and a own Reader mode for websites that permits to read the page without the need to enter.

They don’t have destroyed the own infrastructure, the destroyed the infastructure that carried gas to the EU. The gas bill of Russian consumers is less than $1.50 per month

I understand perfectly, but precisely cutting off gas to Europe allows Russia to put pressure on it, since it forces Europe to pay these horrendous prices to the US and they cannot get money to support Ukraine. It’s an easy game for Russia to send a submarine to put a couple of torpedoes into the pipelines, since they have it patrolling the Baltic and North Sea anyway. Both Russia and the US have plenty of reasons to cut off the tap to the EU, albeit for different reasons. In Spain and Portugal we are luckier as we do not depend on Russian gas, because we have a good infrastructure of our own renewable energy and because we receive gas from Algeria, but the rest of Europe expects a long winter.

The lost of gas isn’t a problem for Rusia, but a big problem for the EU. In any case, I do not dare to affirm the authorship of this, if it was Russia, as a response to pressure and boycotts from the EU or the US to alleviate their economic problem with money from the Europeans, capable of this sabotage are both. Pointing the culprits in this economic war between Russia and the US is risky until you have reliable evidence, which is not easy either with these “objective and independent” information media that we have. The first death in a war is always the truth.

Quite possible, both Russia, to put pressure on the West, and the US, to be able to sell their gas at prohibitive prices, have enough reasons for this sabotage.

I already predicted it in 2020, with the economic crisis due to COVID.

And every 20 years a big war to make a reset.

Only Chrome and some simple Chromium forks. Brave and Vivaldi are not affected. Worst for the devs of extensions, those who are based on v2 are eliminated in the Store and those extensions for security and privacy or similar are crippelt by Google. Like in the Google Play Store in Android, where the apps downloaded are only the versions “decaffeinated” of those from F-Droid. Google hate apps which blocks his trackings and advertisings.

uMatrix not longer exist, abandoned since years.

Very funny indie FPS hardcore, where you will die more than 100 times before you can finish it. Each new attempt is different from the previous one in environments and enemies, you never know what awaits you.

Eyes on the Earth
Realtime and interactive vital signs of the Earth in 3D