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Its still very buggy. Its hard to get out of this loop. Fix bugs. Needs users to report bugs. Loop.

God and the state - mijael bakunin Hitchhikers guide through the galaxy

agreed. my opinion besides that article is that there shall be no market. this should be DIY/T(together) and easy to build yourself. cause the market sucks. also i’m really desperate of seeing fellow human beings believing in such technologies to save us for a brand new green capitalist system. it won’t work, we have to listen to the indigenous, they don’t need no batteries, we really consume to much we destroy the world of them, of animals, of plants, of everything. no more markets. DIY/T forever!

The main drawback of using sodium instead of lithium was energy density and weight. Sodium-ion batteries achieved something like 150 Wh/kg, compared to well over 200 Wh/kg for lithium-ion batteries. That’s a competitive disadvantage that our market-driven economies simply would not tolerate at the time.

Sodium ions are three times heavier, too. Even though the sodium component accounted for only about 5% of the overall battery weight, it still made them heavier than their lithium-based cousins.


Odysee is one of this freedom of speech puddles where antifa are censored. Lol.

i didnt known there was this option now i found it :D thank u all… can close this!

This is a guide on how-to convert an img download from tails website into an iso... so that you can use it in virtualbox and ensure all connections go trough tor!

In this episode a group of henchmen hired to work for a billionare on his post-apocalyptic stronghold inherit the keys from their former boss. They explore their options at community building and outreach with the surrounding towns as communities collide. ![](https://slrpnk.net/pictrs/image/9a0bd589-6057-4cd8-a7f7-158a0edf659e.png)

trying to do a post with CW/NSFW, is it possible?
searched on github no conclusions. only this https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1320

on the website of https://womendefendrojava.net/en/posters/ #StopTurkeyDefendTheWomensRevolution #JinJiyanAzadi #NoFlyZone4RojavaNow #rojavaisunderattack #Rojava #Syria #kurdistan

I dont like #solutionisms. Nature has brang solutions for millions of years. Is fully adapted to this planet. We need to readapt and slow down. #degrowth

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/363093 > Lemmy is structured in a way that backend (database, api, federation etc) and frontend (html, css, javascript) are completely separate. This makes it possible to create other frontends which can take the place of lemmy-ui. I have long been playing with the thought of having a Lemmy frontend that looks more like a traditional forum. Now I finally found some time to work on this, and get an initial proof of concept working. > > > > ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/91170cff-8737-4a84-b70d-5e2c4d85bf72.png) > > > > ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/da0d0bd8-5dcd-4ea8-a3ab-3b8eabf8b85a.png) > > > > To reduce the amount of work, the project uses HTML templates and CSS themes from [phpBB](https://www.phpbb.com/), which are open source under GPLv2. This also has the advantage that many preexisting phpBB themes can be used for lemmyBB. It is written in Rust, because it allows for tight integration with the Lemmy API, and is generally a great language for webservers. > > > > For now the funcionality is very basic, but nonetheless its already usable. You can: > > > > - browse the local post listing > > - browse comments > > - login and logout > > - create new posts and comments > > > > To give it a try, run the following commands on your local computer, replacing lemmy.ml with your own instance: > > ``` > > git clone https://github.com/Nutomic/lemmyBB.git > > LEMMY_INTERNAL_HOST=https://lemmy.ml cargo run > > ``` > > > > If there is any specific feature that you would like to see added, please [open an issue](https://github.com/Nutomic/lemmyBB/issues). For now there arent any instructions for deploying lemmyBB to a server. If you would like to do that, please open an issue as well. > > > > This post was made from lemmyBB.

thanks… hehe

" Otherwise Cut & paste the URL of the remote community into the search box of your instance" this was that i was looking for! but is there something like sepia search? https://sepiasearch.org/

Translation: Slowly, by keep on going

lemmy <> mastodon - need help, can’t follow myself
Can someone try to follow: ajeremias@slrpnk.net from a mastodon account? It appears to me as "Follow request sent" but i don't see any option in lemmy to receive the requests...?

cross-posted from: https://sopuli.xyz/post/362672 > In a Hendrix mood today. Monterey is a classic.

Where can I find a directory of all communities?
I'd really love to have this, to help this instance to grow, and have more communities comming together!

It’s the day of #ACAB! :D 1312! I’m so happy to celebrate their misery x) i hate the cops.

  • colletive managing for nextcloud with global id for mastodon, discourse and nextcloud
  • permaculture small farming AI consultant

Wealthy countries can create prosperity while using less materials and energy if they abandon economic growth as an objective.

lithium is a trouble for many communities all over the world besides the nickel mining which is in the most hateful wars happening nowadays. what do you think about lithium as a resource?

its working now. i like this :D lemme put a bot from telegram to post there the rss!! thank u guyszz

i think i fcked up
i uploaded some memes.. and stuff... now cant upload pics anymore.. sorry. :) thank u a lot, super cool stuff! I will call some peepz to join!