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Emerging US Debt Deal Would Raise Limit, Cap Spending for Two Years
Extreme far right Republicans still stand in the way of a compromise.

Carbon auctions: Feel-good theater, or an effective scheme to raise capital for conservation efforts?

Yeah that’s the question which is being debated. I’m no scholar, I really have no idea. But I have to call it out when the media make it out to be a simple fix for treasury to go with the coin or premium bonds.

I’m a big fan of The Coin for comedy, but as I’ve written before it’s unfortunately of debatable legality. From the founding of the USA congress has authorized debt incurred by the nation. You can’t just unilaterally change this. Specifically The Coin could very likely be deemed unconstitutional under Article 1 Section 8. And then what?

Quite disappointing. I really enjoyed the Vita, and a new portable would’ve been fun. Maybe something Steamdeck-like which could’ve reasonably played original PS4 games on the go. Taking the PS4 library with you in a bag would’ve been cool.

Curiously, because I access Beehaw through my own instance, I didn’t notice. Those posts and replies are still there in my database. Makes me wish ActivityPub applications were truly distributed/decentralized and it could recover from this.

Thanks for running Beehaw btw.

Ah, Music of course fits for this one. I generally ignore Music communities as I do on Reddit because they tend to just be people spamming songs, which I get bored of.

Still I wonder if a generic “Videos” community would be a good or bad thing.

Specifically, this one. I think it’s way cool to see some of the making of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hxa-5BZXsto

Where should I post videos?
I'm on YouTube a lot. I find a cool video but it doesn't neatly fit into the current set of Beehaw communities. Where should I share it?

“I thought of my father waking before dawn, driving hours through the cool morning mist, to cut grass, to spray and inhale chemicals—to become a spectre. He had done everything right. He worked like an animal for his employers. He had no criminal record. His credit was great. He didn’t drink or do drugs. He went quietly to work every morning and came quietly home every evening. He obeyed his bosses and won employee of the year multiple times. He paid his taxes and mowed his lawn and met with his children’s teachers. He was the ideal immigrant. The American Dream personified. And yet, the moment his broken body could no longer be exploited for its labor, he was doubted and ignored and humiliated. Everywhere he turned for help—workers’ compensation or welfare or Social Security or Medi-Cal or the court system itself—he was treated like a scam artist. A crook. The bureaucracy inherent to these programs turned him into a stack of documents. A list of ailments. He was dismissed and forgotten. Just another spectre in America.”

I can’t speak for Beehaw, which is a much bigger instance, but for my single-user needs I’m very happy with a basic VPS at Hetzner.

Yeah his stunt was beyond stupid. However bankrupting someone and taking away their main source of income (which caused the problem) seems like a reasonable punishment. Maybe a short prison sentence but many years is disproportionate, imo… No victims to be recompensed, and I doubt he’s likely to repeat the offense.

It is another example of projection. Ignoring and suppressing the voices of their opponents is precisely what the far-right wants to do. To validate doing this, they claim this is happening to them.

This idiot deserves consequences, but a long prison sentence seems excessive. I say take his ad money and ban him from social media for a long while…

New book points to an internal struggle at the BBC on whether or not politicians lies should even be questioned.

YouTuber and gamedev MVG explains how Commodore 64 developers used a hack to play digitized sound samples back in 1984.

This article is a bit misleading in its assertion that the executive branch has an easy out.

Yes, the “debt ceiling” is dumb. Yes, the Republicans are (I think arguably unconstitutionally) playing chicken with the nation’s credit reputation.

However, the legality of the options available to the Treasury are not that clear. While I think “The Coin” is hilarious, and I secretly wish for it to happen, anything like it will absolutely be challenged into the Supreme Court for significantly altering the balance between the separation of powers. Yes, this balance was based on an old-fashioned and incorrect understanding of economics, but nevertheless, it is how the legal understanding of the U.S. constitutions has operated for a long time.

Trump: I like to kill puppies.

Audience, composed entirely of convicted puppy killers: applause

Trump: If reelected, I will kill all the puppies.

Audience, all wearing “death to puppies” tshirts: applause intensifies

CNN: this is unbiased journalism lol


"... the description of Twitter's encrypted messaging feature that follows that initial caveat seems almost like a laundry list of the most serious flaws in every existing end-to-end encrypted messaging app, now all combined into one product—along with a few extra flaws that are all its own."

Argh… I was beginning to wonder if it might not be good. Cause I can’t… I just don’t have time for another enthralling BOTW-sized game 😩

Much has been written about the problems of large seemingly ultra-affluent cities like San Francisco. This story on San Francisco in 2023 reads a bit less editorialized, goes a bit more "on the ground" than most, with perspectives from diverse people whose lives are connected with the city.

Same. The strong pro-authoritarian-regimes views of many posters on Lemmy.ml also turned me off. They’re of course free to discuss those viewpoints but it’s not a community I wanted to interject myself into. And with Lemmy.ml and Lemmygrad being the two top sites of the Lemmyverse it made me wonder if this platform was really for me. Fortunately I found Beehaw to be a community which feels more comfortable in this respect.

This Supreme Court is deeply committed to making this country worse for a long, long time. I can see mass shootings becoming more common and more deadly as our society and mental health devolves while the proliferation of firearms grows.

I’m guessing Lemmy is also going through waves of activity like Mastodon (and ActivityPub microblogging in general) was going through before the recent series of Twitter meltdowns. A bunch of people try it out, activity goes up, people lose interest and go back to Reddit, activity slows down again…

It’s no surprise people like Musk are smearing Bellingcat. Can’t abide effective investigative journalism if you support far-right movements and the evil they get up to.

I like the community on this instance at this point more, so I subscribe to the sublemmys here.

I’m curious if this or another instance will take off further in popularity. We’ll see.

Getting ready for some more waiting after already waiting 6 years

When I can’t get started coding, I usually break through it by adding starting with unimportant uncomplicated things. The overall structure of what needs to happen. A bunch of debug logging which spits out what’s going on. That kind of thing.

Then slowly I start adding real code and pretty soon it’ll work.

I’ve never read Animorphs, even as a kid it seemed a bit silly, but that’s a great letter. I hope kids learned about life something from it.

"Federal prosecutors have filed criminal charges against New York Rep. George Santos, the Republican lawmaker whose astonishing pattern of lies and fabrications stunned even hardened politicos, according to three sources familiar with the matter."

Just keep doing practice exams over and over. Before long you’ll have memorized everything. Everything is a dipole!

Switch is now the 3rd best-selling game console of all time, behind the DS and the legendary PlayStation 2

Eugene Stoner, inventor of the AR-15, never even owned one. He more than anyone knew it was a weapon designed for war.

Projection is one of the signature tools used by modern far-right movements. No matter if it’s the US, European countries or Russia, all of them loudly and continuously accuse their opponents of problems which happen in their own political sphere.

“The left is destroying marriage!” - the people who elected Trump

“Kyiv are Nazis!” - the people who actually invaded Ukraine

“The EU is hurting our economy!” - the people who engineered Brexit

And so on.

Edit: Perhaps I wouldn’t call the UK conservatives “far-right” quite yet, but you get my point…

AP is good. I also quite like NPR or the BBC for relatively un-editorialized world news.

“conspiratorially planning to reveal T-shirts and flags”

Oh, what horror. Lock up these dangerous criminals post-haste.

Not necessary for me personally. Mastodon and Lemmy (my most used Fedi apps) are very different and I’d be fine with two specialized apps. In fact first I’d like to have any Lemmy app at all please 😛

No firearms should be available to the general public, with reasonable exceptions for hunters or sports shooters who can demonstrate a legitimate need and are required to store them securely. This works well enough for most of the developed world.

I always struggle to understand how all those people clinging to their guns in fear don’t see how their own widespread legal gun ownership also channels millions of firearms into criminals hands, which is what they are afraid of in the first place.

It’s a vicious cycle which can be broken by decreasing the total number of guns in circulation. But common sense has left the building long ago.

If families can’t even pay for school lunches for their kids, imagine the poverty and financial difficulties they face besides. Nobody should be this poor in America. Instead we’ve got 724 billionaires, with more money than they’d ever need.

It’s still an gorgeous machine. Maybe the best looking computer ever made. Anyone have a better candidate?

If only the mouse and keyboard of the original iMac weren’t completely terrible.

Any non-hard-right reading of history suggests that the New Deal, and the basic infrastructure of U.S. politics it created, was a compromise that allowed human beings to live with capitalism. The only alternatives in the 1930s were (on the right) some form of fascism that would keep capitalism but eliminate democracy, or (on the left) dismantling capitalism and trying something wholly different.

Key insight here. The right in the US has struggled for decades to decide what kind of order they want instead of the compromise solution of social democracy, and it seems finally they are finally comfortable with admitting it’s fascism. Clear to see now with the abandonment of seeking a common good for all, a teetering democratic process, ever more politicized judges, and ramped up fascist rhetoric.

Huh. Does anyone actually want a foldable phone? They’ve been out for a while but I’ve never seen one in the wild.

FT journalist who's phone was tracked by TikTok writes about the experience, and the fallout

I think even the US had its moments. Social Security, the “Great Society” programs, ACA (to an extent). But attitudes towards a more humane, equal and inclusive society seem to have drastically hardened on the right.

it requires a society with a sense of decency and solidarity.

I have become, sadly, a pessimist.

I agree it’s broken, however YSK this is also a side-effect of the design principles of ActivityPub.

If you use Mastodon you may have noticed boosted posts from people you… A. don’t follow and B from other instances have no replies. This is especially noticeable if you’re on a small or personal instance. The root cause is identical to missing posts/comments on Lemmy: Nobody pushed the replies, and Mastodon won’t fetch it for you.

Some sort of standardized “History fetching” mechanism would’ve been nice if it were in the actual spec IMO.

When I go to https://beehaw.org/c/music@lemmy.ml I see “0 subscribers”. It appears nobody on Beehaw subscribes to this external community. This means posts and comments are not actively being pushed from Lemmy.ml to Beehaw. Until at least one Beehaw user subscribes to this community it will remain in a sort of limbo-state with missing posts and comments.

I have asked the Lemmy developers to implement more proactive “fetch posts/comments from remote” behavior for instances, but while they acknowledge this could be more intuitive it’s not a priority on their roadmap.

To be clear this is not a bug as such, just how Lemmy federation works currently.

US officials assessing possible ‘manipulation’ on banking shares
Regional bank stock prices plummeted recently, and short sellers made a killing, even though the banks themselves seemingly were not in danger of failing. Multiple parties now call for an investigation.

"Dr Mike Ryan, from the WHO's health emergencies programme, said the emergency may have ended, but the threat is still there."

The sound of 65mm IMAX film moving through these large cameras at 102.7 meters per minute.

Mastodon instances are being hit by an organized spam attack
Mastodon (and the Fediverse) have grown, now spam and bots are going to become a more common and challenging threat to instances

"The shares of many West Coast regional banks have been hit particularly hard since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March, in part because of concerns that their customer bases are similar. PacWest is based in Los Angeles. The stock is down 72% this year."

David Gaider, writer at BioWare from 1999 to 2016, on writers being undervalued
"Even BioWare, which built its success on a reputation for good stories and characters, slowly turned from a company that vocally valued its writers to one where we were... quietly resented, with a reliance on expensive narrative seen as the "albatross" holding the company back."

Seizing oil tankers appears to be becoming a routine method for Iran to pressure the west with

The third round of recent layoffs at Unity, creator of the popular game engine.

Patrick Boyle, a well-known finance YouTuber, explains why First Republic Bank failed and how the sale to JPMorgan by the FDIC took place

Writers Guild of America goes on strike
Television and movie production limited or shut down again

With games becoming this expensive to make, are studios still going to be able to take risks and innovate?

Tech media is picking up on the changes to Mastodon's sign up process, where the default option is now Mastodon.social. I don't think funneling more people to one mega-instance is a good idea..

Is the US government expecting another migrant border crisis? Sadly, it seems there is no systemic and humane resolution yet to waves of migrants at the southern border applying for entry permits.

The world's arguably most technology-dominated sport is always in search of a better balance between tech-driven performance, rewarding driver skill, and entertainment.