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then not to mention asking for sources here is just pedantic and inflammatory rhetoric being used to justify an imperialist proxy war that nato is waging

the guardian itself is the source, you don’t have to look far

the guardian didn’t publish those, and every major news outlet talked about them because it’s profitable, and assange is still in jail, and snowden is still in russia, it’s not like they were trying to help the whistle blowers who did an awful job anyway when you can just read the state department statements and come to all the same conclusions anyway

have you never read the guardian? even this article is only promoting rand corporation, boeing, goldmansachs, lockheed martin, it’s never ending pro war propaganda that you’re buying and selling now on their behalf, not to mention they’re blatantly lying, again

yea, russian oligarchs working with western oligarchs. russia is not extending territory. the guardian is owned by a billionaire, and trusts aren’t any better, all it does is mask responsibility. they still have national security interests, they’re as conservative right wing liberal as you can get on the global stage.

  1. putin was put in by western oligarchs, he’s a capitalist, he’s not reinstating the soviet union
  2. russia is not imperialist, and has not been since the end of tsarist russia
  3. the guardian is a mouth piece for western weapons manufacturers and war hawks. it’s owned by a billionaire. they have contracts with mi6 and the pentagon and other western nationalist security agencies

this is revisionist history that ignores the facts of what happened. then not to mention the obvious bias. many people in russia wanted putin to invade back in 2014, but he was still working with the minsk accords and toiling with the trying to join the eu, but europe being treated like vassal states by the usa were told to do something else. it’s all some boomer wet dream bullshit.

so while you feed yourself the koolaid, the same people stealing our tax dollars and making our lives even worse go on wrecking the rest of the world because you believe in some evil boogey man that the cia propped up, again.