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Just the github issues.

You need to learn jetpack-compose. Instructions for setting up a dev environment is there.

It’s just using the default now. You can open an issue on the github for it tho.

Thank you for your service.

I can’t really use mastodon for the same reason… I like following interests and communities, not people.

After I follow a few ppl that post a few times a day, it becomes a full time job just to read ppl’s posts. I have no idea how so many ppl use the twitter model.

No, there’s no such feature. You could work on it though.

What benefits does it have over NewPipe / NewPipe + SponsorBlock?

Do you have undetermined language selected in your settings?

Hrm, those are all loading for me. Do you have the undetermined language selected in your settings? Not sure what else it might be.

It could be that its a person you’ve blocked, or something like that. Could you link the comment / show me how to reproduce it?

Touch hold or touch click to see the full score. You can un upvote your own post.

Jerboa already has a card view, and lemmy ui has an open issue to create one.

Is that a federated post? Most likely it’s an issue with the initial vote not federating.

Because our greatest influxes of new users come not when we develop new features, but when lemmy gets cross-posted somewhere, or when reddit messes up in such a way that communities want to migrate somewhere else. This current influx is due to something reddit did, not lemmy’s developers.

I agree. A knitting group, or a group dedicated to a TV show, would really benefit from having a lemmy server, with their own collection of communities. Having a small number of people, who you know well and actually want to interact with, can be one of the benefits over reddit, and hearkens back to the days of smaller, more focused forums.

Thanks! We’ve been feature-crazy for its whole history… but I’ve kinda learned the hard way that none of that helps adoption. The users are the feature, and its the only reason people don’t leave reddit, facebook, etc.

What @nutomic@lemmy.ml is doing with activitypub service interoperability is far more important than almost anything else we work on. Because at least mastodon and other services have an existing userbase that can plug into lemmy.

That’s me, ya open up an issue on the Jerboa repo so I can figure out what’s going on. You might be using an older version of jerboa that had some issues with post comments.

Someone did create this Lemmy community browser, which searches all known instances for any community. It might be useful to integrate that into lemmy, or at least link to it, in some way, to help people discover communities not on their own instance already.

The-federation.info is unfortunately a bit unmaintained, https://fediverse.observer is a much better site overall, for all fediverse projects. Here’s the stats for lemmy.

We definitely did have a spike in registrations here at least. One of the only ways people find out about lemmy is when it gets cross-posted. We could really use more news articles about it tho on open-source / privacy related spaces.

I thought this one had a bit too many consonants, but I spose it makes sense, since all of them are common in the most popular world languages.

Its better, has first-class multi-cursor support, and you don’t need to install any plugins to get it usable. Also has LSP support for pretty much every language. IMO its a true successor to vim, which is so old now its like a leaky roof that needs constant repairs (in the form of plugins).

May I suggest: Helix . I used vim for years, but I’ve been enjoying the switch to this.

What’s the issue? Could you open up a github issue on lemmy-ui, with how to replicate it.

Either format should work, you can test it with other as yet unfederated communities.

Your query looks fine… might be something going on with that community specifically. I just tried this one and it worked fine: https://lemmygrad.ml/c/biology@mander.xyz

Advertisers are only interested in human eyeballs.

Very true, but this reveals the conflicts of interest between these social media companies, and the advertisers they sell space to. They want to say to advertisers: buy an ad on our site, it will reach thousands of real people! See all this activity! When in reality a lot of that activity is bot generated.

Both advertisers and users want to reach and talk to real people, but it’s in these social media companies interest to inflate their numbers and fake engagement any way they can.

This isn’t a small problem either, I’ve heard it said that half of all tweets, and a good percentage of youtube comments are from bots.

Not kixik, but this will affect all 3rd party reddit clients. Those app devs who don’t pay, won’t get access.

You can subscribe to federated communities that have already been connected, within the jerboa UI. Click the communities button at the bottom, then go to them.

But unfortunately you can’t do the initial connection yet within jerboa… that only works through the lemmy-ui search bar atm.

I designed Jerboa mainly based off of boost; its also my favorite reddit app UI-wise. But I don’t have too much time to spend on it as I’m spread very thin between a lot of projects.

Reddit could add anti-bot restrictions, but they don’t, because bots drive up their “engagement” numbers. This is entirely two-faced. They essentially just want to make some money off of something they already see as benefitting them.

Help spread the word over ther, about lemmy if you can. This problem is only going to get worse, until eventually reddit’s API gets as locked down as twitter.

Programming help wanted: AI-determined letter positions.
On desktop, I use the [AI-designed Halmak Keyboard](https://youtube.com/watch?v=pZ40gmfDFfQ), and its had great results. Rather than manually picking letter positions, Halmak was designed by an evolutionary algorithm, based on a given set of criteria, and sample text. I designed the original english thumb-key layout manually, with trial-and-error, and based essentially on 3 criteria: - Letter frequency - Alternating thumbs - Thumbs come from the bottom corners, so lower and edge tiles are easier than higher. But I did not take into account things like digrams / trigrams, and I don't know enough about evolutionary algorithms to do it. Would anyone be interested in tackling this problem?

I've been working on this for a few days, let me know what you think. I should have it up on f-droid shortly, but here's the release on github if anyone wants to help test it.

Seems really neat, basically the next.js but for rust. Based on sycamore, a web-ui library for rust. Looks like it does well in the framework benchmarks too. https://krausest.github.io/js-framework-benchmark/2023/table_chrome_110.0.5481.77.html

Mostly bugfixes. [Changelog](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/blob/main/RELEASES.md#lemmy-v0172-release-2023-02-22)

Anyone have a good recommendation for open source continuous integration (CI) ?
We have been using a self-hosted drone for a long time, and now they're telling us we need to purchase a license 💩

Lemmy Release v0.17.0
Its been a long time coming 🥳 . Excerpt from the link: ## Major Changes ### Language Tags Content can now be tagged to indicate the language it is written in. These tags can be used to filter content, so that you only see posts in languages which you actually understand. Instances and communities can also specify which languages are allowed, and prevent posting in other languages. In the future this will also allow for integrated translation tools. ### Comment trees Lemmy has changed the way it stores comments, in order to be able to properly limit the comments shown to a maximum depth. Included are proper comment links (`/comment/id`), where you can see its children, a count of its hidden children, and a _context_ button to view its parents, or the post. ### Featured posts Admins and mods can now "feature" (this used to be called "sticky" ala reddit) posts to the top of either a community, or the top of the front page. This makes possible announcement and bulletin-type posts. Special thanks to @makotech for adding this feature. ### Federation Lemmy users can now be followed. Just visit a user profile from another platform like Mastodon, and click the follow button, then you will receive new posts and comments in the timeline. Votes are now federated as private. This prevents other platforms from showing who voted on a given post, and it also means that Lemmy now counts votes from Mastodon. This release also improves compatibility with Pleroma. If you previously had trouble interacting between Pleroma and Lemmy, give it another try. We've extracted the main federation logic into its own library, [activitypub-federation-rust](https://github.com/LemmyNet/activitypub-federation-rust). It is open source and can be used by other projects to implement Activitypub federation, without having to reinvent the wheel. The library helps with handling HTTP signatures, sending and receiving activities, fetching remote objects and more. ### Other changes - Admins can now purge content and pictures from the database. - Mods can _distinguish_ a comment, "stickying" it to the top of a post. Useful for mod messages and announcements. - Number of new / unread comments are now shown for each post. - Lemmy now automatically embeds videos from Peertube, Youtube and other sites which provide an embed link via Opengraph attribute. - You can give your site "taglines", short markdown messages, which are shown at the top of your front page. Thanks to @makotech for adding this. - You can now report private messages. - Most settings have been moved from the config file into the database. This means they can be updated much easier, and apply immediately without a restart. - When setting up a new Lemmy instance, it doesn't create a default community anymore. Instead this needs to be done manually. - Admins can choose to receive emails for new registration applications. - An upgrade of diesel to v2.0, our rust -> postgres layer.

Works with the new lemmy version.

Lemmy upgrade tomorrow (or wednesday), and we’ll have a few hours of downtime.
We're getting ready to release a new version of Lemmy, which will require a database upgrade, so we'll have a few hours of downtime.

Apologies for all the translators that weren't able to sign up before (it was email issues), this should be fixed now.