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I admit, I did not read the long article. Of course the mining of the resources necessary for electric cars is not without downsides, like a lot of resources. Care should be taken that the downsides are minimized.

The good thing is once the resources are mined and they are used in a battery, they can be recycled almost completely. Whereas once petrol is burned, it’s gone forever.

Maybe for convenience a picker would be nice. It could also generate unicode emojis.

But you are right, inputting unicode emojis directly is also an idea 😀. Works on MacOS where I’m on using the emoji picker. 🤗 everybody 😉.

Why are there no emojis available in Lemmy?
I tried to find them, but when posting or replying there is no emoji button (like for Example in Mastodon). Is there a reason for that? Or has just nobody implemented emojis yet?

I second htop. Also iotop for disk io. When making small changes to a file on the command line, I use vim. Otherwise emacs :).

The question should be rephrased, to make it not that obvious and more interesting what the answer will be: what is the most influential non-religious book?

I guess that’s hard to determine, which is the most influential. I think religious books like the Bible, the Quran, … were very influential. Or “Capital” by Karl Marx.

I guess then it’s rg, fd and exa for me. They were started pretty recent compared to what I use else.

What do you mean by “most recent” and by “modern”? Do you mean the most recent application/software I started using, or the most recently used application/software? And when is a software considered modern?

I’m pretty sure there’s something like that in the UK, shops with a social agenda.

In Germany, I can recommend https://www.buch7.de/

Bought already multiple times three, works very well. They donate a percentage of the money to charity.

If I can’t sleep, I’ll read for 1-2 hours (or sometimes 3) until I get tired. Happens every 3-4 nights. I’ll try not to worry about it too much. If the body needs sleep, then it will take it.

Finde ich sehr gut. So kommt man Leuten auch mal bei, die sonst über Strafen von ein paar 100 EUR nur lachen.