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your issue is with bad urban planning, not offices lol

oh ye? i’m addicted to having a sexual relationship with ur mom gotem hehe 😎 (i’ve unsolved homelessness) (i don’t deserve housing)

y’all need to calm down with suspecting ppl are cia honestly 💀😬

literally the lib equivalent of calling ppl a russian bot

Worker rights in PRC
i'm curious to get some concrete data wrt to worker rights/labour legislation in prc: is it as bad as it's often perceived in the west? has anything changed recently? there's a weird duality to it in my perception, on one side it's a relatively happy nation, but on the other side there is the crazy 996 work schedule, poor safety net that's largely substituted by investment in housing etc 🤔

the guy is a carnist, the videos may be (and probably are, he has a masters in climate policy iirc so eh) perfectly valid, but i just can’t stand observing him unironically just consuming animal products while talking about the danger of climate change, guy is a clown

another day of thanking god i don’t live in amerika 🙏😊

sorry, i don’t really understand what you’re trying to convey :(

my brother in christ, just use whatever you want, get a life 😭

oh, you meant countries, then ye, sure

i was referring mostly to support on the level of an individual, which is a lot easier to outline and quantify imo, because everything is more nuanced on a country level

it’s a much more complicated situation than is often portrayed, where everything is sublimated into homogenous good and bad guys, with no intersection

In contrast, citizens in China, India, and Turkiye prefer a quick end to the war even if Ukraine has to concede territory.

i wouldn’t say this is supporting Russia, more like wanting an end to this senseless violence (actually interesting how this is a virtually non-existent trend among westerners, i’m assuming because they’ve never had any proximity to similar violence and misery, and are therefore ready to sacrifice as many Ukranians as is takes) :(

the anglosphere can just be considered lost at this point tbh 🤷‍♀️

certainly more weights contain more general information, which is pretty useful if you’re using a model is a sort of secondary search engine, but models can be very performant in certain benchmarks while containing little general data

this isn’t really by design, up until now (and it’s still continuing to be that way), it’s just that we don’t know how to create an LLM, which can generate coherent text without absorbing a huge portion of the training material

i’ve tried several models based on facebook’s llama LLMs, and i can say that the 13B and definitely 30B versions are comparable to chatGPT in terms of quality (maybe not in terms of the amount of information it has access to, but definitely in other regards)

recent advancements in LLMs that are small enough to be accessible to regular ppl (alpaca/llama), but also performant enough to sometimes even outperform chatGPT, are more interesting to me personally

while the size of this model is certainly super impressive, even if the weights were released, it would require like half a terabyte of VRAM at int4 MINIMUM, so you’d need like ~100k usd just to run inference on this thing at decent accuracy :(

easier, less hassle 🤷‍♀️

here for a good time, not and a long time 😎

i think you underestimate the effect of car size on cities

i vaguely recall this really cool documentary with pretty interesting visuals about stuff raf did on youtube, but i can’t find it now for some reason 😭😔

prolly got deleted or smth, anyone lemme know if you know that one or you find it…

to be fair, the Russian counter strike scene was always rather rough, with pretty toxic ppl, but ye, i think you may be right to a degree

ye, i guess you’re right, that is kind of insensitive, but my point was largely to point out how distant the immense dangers of amerikan cities feel to most foreigners… 🤷‍♀️

i really like this one, it’s kinda expensive tho, might be out of your price range 😉

all of these guys just need to move out of the US or areas affected by it if they can tbh, otherwise it doesn’t end well most of the time…

self driving car? oh yeah? how about you drive some bitches on yourself smh my head 🙄

not really that much machine learning, since it's mostly just baritone, but still pretty cool i thought

If you could introduce a few obscure/minor laws to your country, which ones would you choose that would make the most positive or interesting impact?
i'd probably pick - cartoon tv series can't have more than 3 seasons - avocados should have most subsidies of any food - electron apps are now illegal - normal tv series can't have more than 5 seasons - protruding doorsteps are now illegal

/c/privacy is looking for moderators
greetings everyone, there's already >3.5k members here, not all of them are active obviously, but there are still a lot of posts on this sub, and even more comments, i can't really meticulously go through each and every one of them if you are somewhat active in this community, and have been on lemmy (or one of the other instances) for a few months, and would like to dedicate some time to moderating this community, please pm me :)

Apple is using Itch.io’s ‘offensive and sexualized’ games as a cudgel against Epic | The Verge
Apple is using Itch.io’s ‘offensive and sexualized’ games as a cudgel against Epic | The Verge

Checkmate? The role of gender stereotypes in the ultimate intellectual sport
the study evaluated 42 female chess players against 42 male chess players online the organizers made the female players believe that they were playing against both female players and male players, when in reality they were always only playing against male players as a result they saw a 50! % decrease in performance when the female players were told that they were playing against men due to gender stereotypes keep in mind that this reduction is present not only among games with different male players, but also in games against the very same male player

using reddit irl
``` > post a controversial, but polite comment in a thread > get a lot of downvotes > change your comment calling out users that downvote you > get even more downvotes > start arguing with some the reddit hive mind replies > you can only reply once every 15 minutes because of the downvotes > frustration increases > get your comment deleted because you call someone's comment idiotic > subreddit mods notice and remove all your other comments and ban you > 🙃 ```

not really something traditionally thought of as "niche internet", but hey, still internet and still niche

wow, to be honest, i'm really impressed with what it does for 200$, waiting for mass production :)

can't wait :) mobile devices liberated at last

Mozilla lays off 70 employees as it waits for its new products to generate revenue
This definitely sucks, as their plans to become independent of revenue from google have failed to materialize, but as you can see from the article they're still optimistic, saying they might have overestimated the revenue they'd get from their new services at the beginning. *fingers crossed*