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Also shout out to smash for adding in terry, a character aint anybody ever heard of lmao

a teacher once told me;

think about how stupid the avg person is, and now imagine that half of them are dumber

Anyone else impressive how aggressive 'are you okay' has become?
Just saw a security guard kick out a homeless guy and he begun the interaction with 'are you okay'. I've been pressured via 'are you okay' a few times. Obviously it's a different story if like your friend asks 'r you okay'. Kinda like i was watching terry from fatal fury - 'are you okay?' then ~~buster wolf~~ *kicks out guy*. I guess the fatal fury devs noticed something similar too? Similarly, i've heard god bless is sometimes an insult around texas region

hey elon, the greenest cryptocurrency is to not use cryptocurrency

mean I think most men still think of women as property, which is why they think its okay to sexually harass them, so I think protection typically still stems from this.

Hmm? Protection and sexual harassment are related?

But you’re a nice guy sexypeach and we have you uwu

The report warned that Amazon’s labor crisis was especially imminent in a few locales, with internal models showing that the company was expected to exhaust its entire available labor pool in the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area by the end of 2021

Bruh it sounds like the way dairy farmers talk about their cows.

This whole thing does sound like imperialism is fundamental to capitalism.

Is this when amazon starts pushing the gov to take in more temp foreign workers?

this is the most late stage capitalism statement i’ve heard this year

based cause fu netflixs, but hope the 300 workers bounce back immediately

We are a family until we need to fire 🔥 some people.

Basically a narcissistic family. Narcissism is sorta a good 1 word description of capitalism

Is simp roughly the male equivalent of female dog?
the usage seems similar. More similar than ive ever seen, but maybe i missed a social trend? Bad example from streamers - dudes say "simp for me" and it sorta has the same vibes as "get on knees B"

in simpler terms to uphold the idea that women are property and the implications that come from that - if they are property then they need to be protected

Holy! This sounds about like what society sublimely says.

Of course, if a woman is to assert that she is not property or challenges her status as property or causes trouble for the property owners it may make sense for the system to then treat them as hostile and allow a counter-narrative to exist, such as it’s okay to hit a woman in these circumstances, otherwise we should protect them as we protect property.

the stock market! Dump when it does down, buy when it goes up.

Protect woman, but if they’re bad call them a b or karen. Whereas a dude - no specific b word and no trending karen equivalent.

Let me guess - women now earn money outside the household, therefore hitting them and risking giving them ptsd/whatnot lowers their output therefore protect women by default? But since like african-american women are more likely to be on welfare than caucasian women, lowkey default to calling african-american women welfare queens and be fine with them being mistreated more?

i think rightwingers are mean, assuming someone gets offended by being a c or f, but they sorta reclaimed slurs within their own communities.

Yes, 10Mbps is pretty slow

A few months ago I shared with a far away neighbor for 1 month (router in their house) and I only got 1mbps. I mostly got used to it. I would have to like pre-download videos an entire day in advance, and if I wanted to watch something on the day, I had to sit on their doorstep or use public Wi-Fi someplace.

v5 hardware revision.

I would just have to make sure it says v5 on the box?

Long story short, on Reddit:

sfw pic of woman in shorts - some dude: mark this is not safe for work.

sfw pic of man in shorts - nobody requests it be marked not safe for work.

I havent seen this nearly enough to start forming conclusions, but I have seen it enough to start wondering.

How did we go from "it's okay to hit woman" to "protect woman"?
I'm not sure if it ever was a societal thing where people thought it was okay to hit women, but from what I gather that's what it sounds like.

I’m not going to do some CV in the elevator lol

You know what I mean 😛

Mozilla's common voice project on fdroid Instead of playing Candy crush saga in an elevator, contribute to the collective good of your fellow human

Low-key, something is considered nsfw if it involves woman
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It's pretty interesting how most ppl universally agree that they hate outsiders.
Do you want to bring new members to this communist org? Ppl there: No. (Hexbear) Do you want to bring new members to this irl IWW org? Ppl there: No. Do you want to bring more people to matrix? Ppl there: No (specifically redacted) Do you want to bring immigrants or refugees to this country? Ppl there: No. (rightwingers mostly) Do you want to bring a safe injection site to this city? Ppl there: No. (everyone where i live) There is one notable **exception**: CEOs. Do you want to bring more buyers to your thing? CEOs: yes. At least imo, no surprise CEOs are taking us (the ppl) to school and back.

How to lower mbps usage of a rogue device via physical means? Or an extremely cheap way to limit mbps consumption?
Think i figured out my ping problem. Housemate has been downloading a lot of stuff for the past 3 days and i've been getting 350 ping (srsly) and 0.65 mpbs download speeds (srsly). Worse ping i've gotten today was 600. Sometimes Qwant search fails search due to 'network conditions'. When they're not using the internet, no connection problems. The router is in my room and im the one on the isp contract. Some of my devices lose connect when i walk 5m away but not others. Furthermore, putting half a faraday cage around my router only slows down connect to some of my devices but not others. Not entirely sure why. [My router](https://www.midco.com/contentassets/a8faa9563b6b49e5b244ef7418c1b314/hitron-coda-4582.pdf) doesn't have any mbps control settings. Already tried the obvious stuff of talking to housemate about it. I'd be nice if i had at least 5mbps to work with, and i'd think if i slowed down their connection it'd free up some for me. Worst case, i could buy like another router that has a mbps control function, but it'd be nice if it's cheap af.

Cmv: Pokemon nuzlockes are good for content creators, but rather unfun otherwise
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It's surprisingly stressful to make a goal of trying to sleep
Somewhat stressful in a similar manner of making a goal of trying to meditate or to try to relax. I guess trying to sleep or meditate or relax is like the opposite of actually doing those things A mad lad told me the was trying to introspect on how the sleep process works by trying to watch how it works on himself. He told me that he barely slept that night lol

List of things that increase ping?
Seems like the further away something is the higher the ping? I've been 350ms ping according to speedtest.net lately, but when i turn my router-modem thing on off i get 11ms ping, so seems like router-modems can cause bad ping. Anything else?