Ce să vă zic, mă, bine ați venit? bine ați venit, rău ați nimerit. La locu’ ăsta îi zice șerpărie, de la șerpii care umblă pe-aicea. Dracu’ știe cum au ajuns…

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@ajsadauskas It’s always cheaper to work on with what you have and improve upon it, rather than getting everything from 0. If you have some unused rails though, it’s better for you to use these instead, or in conjunction with the bus network (i.e. making the bus network serving areas where the line is not going).

My city has an extensive tram network and quite a lot of train lines serving former factories, now abandoned. The current mayor has plans for revitalizing these, electrifying them, and starting a metropolitan train service on it (sort of a RER or S-Bahn-like service), yet things are moving way too slow, and I’m afraid he’ll not finish the whole project until the next elections.

@ajsadauskas interesting. Yea, the problem is that these suburbs are kinda parasitic - in the sense that you’ve got no schools, little to no hospitals, no recreational spaces, only a few big box supermarkets or other stores and small supermarkets at the ground floor of the buildings. And these are not your typical American-style single-family homes - not at all. They look something like this.

@ajsadauskas Bucharest, Romania - here:


  • Its almost non existent; there is one decently made lane on Victoriei Avenue. Period. That’s it. That’s the only decent bike infrastructure you see in this entire city.

  • There is another joke of a lane on the banks of Dâmbovița river (also known as Splaiul Independenței) which care use it as well. Is it illegal? Of course, it is. Does the police care enough? Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. Drivers just take for granted the fact that there are no separators like on Victoriei (see before) and get in.

  • Bicycle infrastructure created on the sidewalk - many mayors just draw a couple of lanes on the sidewalks and call it a day (example). Doesn’t matter if we, as bikers, need to get around pedestrians or if a kid just jumps in front of your bike. They just draw two lines on the sidewalk, and so they support mobility, right? Everything just not to upset the people in tin cans, or else, you’ll lose your votes. Thankfully, the road police is generally closing these, for these very reasons; but it still doesn’t help if at the end of the day the bike infrastructure is nonexistent (see the first point)

  • There is no place to park your bike. There is an attempt in the 6th district, but it’s just too little. They look like this, generally:

    If you don’t have access to one of these, and you live in a higher level apartment building (as many people do here), then good luck getting 10-20 kg of iron with you upstairs/downstairs.

  • You cannot take your bike inside public transit if it’s not foldable, except inside the metro - during weekends and early in the morning and late at night. If you have a flat tire, good luck with that.


I generally find it quite decent, by contrast, but there are some things that need improvement in my option, and some things that I hear people complain
Here’s what I do not like myself:

  • buses get stuck in traffic. There are no bus lanes, so they have to share the road with drivers (drivers also tend to use other people’s space because f*ck them, why don’t they also get cars, are they poor? but still). This makes the buses move slow and not come on time.
  • There are still, in this age and time, vehicles where you cannot use your bank card to pay directly with it. And this is driving me crazy. Your alternative is to either take your time to go to a booth, buy online, but for some reason wait for 60 mins for the ticket to activate on your travel card, pay by SMS (not really cutting it for me, as I use a prepay) or install an app called 24pay - which is both proprietary and uses space I do not have on my phone.
  • Some tram lines use old rails that are yet to undergo changing for a long time already. They are in poor condition and pose a great risk for derailment. When traveling on them, trams usually swing sideways quite a lot, which makes it uncomfortable to ride them. They also have speed restrictions in these places, so they have to go reaaaaaaaaly slow to get to the destination.
  • Transit is non-existent in the suburbs. There are some bus routes and that’s it. No trams, no trolleybuses, nothing else. You have to take the car to get in the city.
  • The metro is the best way to get around. It’s clean, it comes on time generally, but the network is still not complete after all these years, it takes years just to build a few stations (see the M5 line, which took 9 years to complete only 1/3 of it) - so it’s generally crowded.
  • Lack of air conditioning on most surface transit.

What other people complain about, and the reason they choose cars:

  • Old vehicles
  • Crowding
  • People; some speak loud, some like to put various music, disturbing others etc.
  • Dirty vehicles
  • People destroying chairs and other internals, people that smell, drunk people etc.

Transparency International shutters its Russia office

Russian Finance Ministry to impose a one-time tax on all large companies except oil and coal concern

Russian Finance Ministry to impose a one-time tax on all large companies except oil and coal concern

@Zerush so strange things got so heated, after all he even got watered preventively

@yogthos Funny, apart from the last one: war already happened in just the last decade, so no one was either willing or having resources to start another war. The borders more/less settled in Europe at the beginning of the 1920s and the world was already financially ruined due to WWI (especially in Germany, where at some point, people were finding it cheaper to use the money itself as wood fire, rather than the wood itself). The former Entente allies also indebted themselves a lot during the war (just as the Central Powers did for that matter), hoping to pay back using war reparations from Germany (which, as I said, was already in debt completely). Germany either way demanded concessions to payments, which it eventually received - and the payment amount for war reparations kept dropping year-by-year until 1938.

Moreover, this new thing at the time called the League of Nations was in full swing, so countries were more wary of stepping over other countries’ territory - as well as the creation of local defensive alliances such as the Little Entente. These organizations and alliances only in the late 1930s began to crumble, due to the rise of Hitler to power and to events such as Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia - which undermined the former one, while misunderstandings between allies undermined the latter one.

@frippa Don’t know how did I evade the bans, don’t even care anymore if I get them.

What I was expecting from you, guys, was whatabaoutism. Because sure declaring NGOs that e.g. deal with environment protection is the same as having organizations linked to Moscow and denying statehood of various nations - or at least rolling Moscow propaganda of faux neutrality and false identities in the case of Moldova (see “Moldovan Language”)

@Zerush When you see your destiny written on the door

Moldova Smashes Pro-Moscow Subversion Ring - Police

Moldova Smashes Pro-Moscow Subversion Ring - Police

@Hirom I see. I’ll post the direct links to their articles then.

We live in a society
♲ [mas.to/@dasharez0ne/1099771041…](https://mas.to/@dasharez0ne/109977104127631785)

@KelsonV I see. So this might actually be a good thing, as they are publicly allowing anyone to use such a server to their own benefit, haha 😁

@KelsonV So you’re saying that anything you post can be visible for any AP server, basically?

Russian Ministry of Justice declares World Wildlife Fund, economist Sergey Guriev ‘foreign agents’
♲ [masto.ai/@meduza\_en/1100009835…](https://masto.ai/@meduza_en/110000983513102453)

@nutomic wouldn’t it help to turn your profile private?
For example, on Friendica you can check the option below and you cannot access any information of that profile besides the bio, your official website and your contact info (Matrix or XMPP):

I imagine that by having people interacting with your content from P29, your content gets sent over to them, so, in turn, Meta can sell that info to advertisers or allow them to target you otherwise.

Or, more likely, they could use info they receive from the Fediverse to further track their users on the platform (say A from P29 likes my image of a giraffe on my profile. Now Meta will have that information available to advertisers, and they can advertise X with cheap plane tickets to Africa or something).

Edit: Now that I think about it, they could also still be doing some sort of EEE-thingie that they did with XMPP

On one hand, this could actually be great, as it would allow me to follow actual Instagram accounts without maintaining a presence on Instagram. Or imagine just giving anyone your Mastodon/whatever Fediverse platform. Meta-owned platforms are really so large that it is really impossible to quit them without losing access to lots of people.

On the other hand…



Thousands in Tbilisi rally against ‘foreign agents’ law which could prevent Georgia from joining EU

After Putin’s patriotic rally, Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium no longer suitable for soccer

After Putin’s patriotic rally, Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium no longer suitable for soccer

Special forces in Tbilisi use water cannon and teargas against people protesting new law on ‘foreign

Georgian protesters rally in Tbilisi after violent clashes with police

Vladivostok water main bursts, leaving 30,000 people without heat and flooding streets
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@renlok There are also certain themes that subreddits use, which make the old Reddit more usable. For example Minimaluminiumalism or naut

Living in limbo The Lachin Corridor blockade has upended daily life in Nagorno-Karabakh — and there’

@erioque also, look out for lemmygrad.ml . as. a. fine. example. of. the. most. precious. network. of. the entire in-ter-net and. the. way. it. functions. as an older AI my.masters.programmed.me to . show. you. all. the. ins. and. outs. of. this. net-wo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ork

Come. and. have. a. look. around. while. I am. pre-paring. my . coff-e-e-e-e-e-eee

Edit: I need an update, some. of. my. dependencies. are mis-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i

@erioque Erm, ok. I rest my case, have fun with all the Marxist-Leninists around!

@erioque lmao Lemmy is just full of these enlightened people. Why do you think they are so great fans of the Mali TLD?

Also, let me quickly show you a way to get your content downvoted around this place:

Slava Ukraina! Zelensky is the best leader, may he defend the sovereign and democratic nation of Ukraine until the final victory over the RuZZian orcs. Ukraine will win. Crimea is Ukraine. Donbass is Ukraine. Death to Putler and all the soldiers in the RuZZian Army!

@lysy No one. They’ll just end up piling the landfills, recycling centers or tinkerer’s drawers like mine 😁

Russian Regional Lawmaker Who Used Noodles To Mock Putin’s Annual Address Summoned By Police

@Ninmi Eastern Europe is more homophobic than the Western Europe in general. The fact that homophobia has been deeply ingrained in the Russian state had no way of not making the LGBT communities in neighboring countries more aware and afraid.

@leif oh, I see. I have some non-steam games as well but since I mostly play on Steam I guess I can keep those safely on the internal storage, haha 😆

There are Switch emulators on Flathub though, if I recall correctly.

@leif I see. However I never seemed to have any issue with Samsung EVO cards, and I’ve got plenty of them. I have one in my phone rn and I never had an issue. I also got one for my camera and there’s also a spare one that I have 😁

Besides that, it’s only Steam games you keep on it, which are mostly synced to the steam cloud. If one breaks you just get a new card and you redownload the games to that one.

Am I missing something? 😁

@leif I see. I was looking to get the middle priced option (cannot remember the specs, so I am not sure if it’s the 512 GB, but it sure has an NVME). And also as it has SD card support I plan on getting a shit ton of those 😂

@imvl la interfață arată super mișto oricum 😁 felicitări!

@imvl Se și federează cu ActivityPub?

@leif Cool ideas, thanks! I am also looking into getting a Deck myself 😁

@leif This just looks great. Wonder if you could add in some ports to turn it into a dock 😁
You could actually use it as a spare PC this way

@yogthos That’s good. Anyone should just go the easier way and stop doing business with Russia.


Foreign agents are also prohibited from enlisting in the military but — and get ready for this — they can still be drafted in the event of mobilization.

So it’s a highly problematic situation for Russia to have “foreign agents” in peace time in the military, but in the event of a war, when it is the most critical, foreign agents are okay on the frontline.

@PolandIsAStateOfMind it’d be more honest if they just said “no content in the upper half of the bag”

@nachtigall Russian propaganda, especially inside, is actively using the soviet heritage to justify its imperialism and subjugating the neighboring countries. They mix this with neoconservatism, xenophobia, homofobia and ultraorthodoxism (the black-orange ribbon is the St. George’s ribbon, that has been adopted as a national one)

[![](https://libranet.de/photo/134410157163ebd284a9b1b447793641-0.png "")](https://libranet.de/photos/petrescatraian/image/134410157163ebd284a9b1b447793641)

![A bag of Nihilist Lay's. No color, no flavor, no nothing.](https://i.redd.it/s02ie5axf0051.jpg "A bag of Nihilist Lay's. No color, no flavor, no nothing.")

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[![Overly attached gf but with a Russian flag above her head; caption: "I burnt your home, so we can live together". On the background, there is a burning house](https://libranet.de/photo/965338521163f28d7306d4c706769305-1.jpg "Overly attached gf but with a Russian flag above her head; caption: "I burnt your home, so we can live together". On the background, there is a burning house")](https://libranet.de/photos/petrescatraian/image/965338521163f28d7306d4c706769305)

[![](https://libranet.de/photo/252721923163ebd28471b5c124336827-0.png "")](https://libranet.de/photos/petrescatraian/image/252721923163ebd28471b5c124336827)

Ex-Russian military bomber engineer seeks asylum at U.S. border, offers military secrets

[![](https://libranet.de/photo/160942832563ebbfdf78647969608489-1.jpg "")](https://libranet.de/photos/petrescatraian/image/160942832563ebbfdf78647969608489)

Russian trolls are trying to get Ukrainian instance defederated from the Fediverse
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