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My self-hosting area is a disaster so I won’t post pics, but I run an Asustor NAS with openmediavault installed on it and docker containers running transmission-openvpn, radarr, sonarr, and jellyfin on it.

I have a pi-hole set up with recursive dns set up as well as pi-vpn so I can remote in from anywhere and access my movies/shows on the NAS as well as have ad-blocking.

I run syncthing on my daily driver linux computer that syncs photos from my phone to it so that I don’t have to email myself stuff if I need it.

Finally, I host my Lemmy instance and Mastodon instances from two VPS servers on Digital Ocean. Not sure if that counts as self-hosting if I don’t own the hardware.

Interesting. I had the pleasure of comparing very large, complex JSON files when I was a NASA contractor. I ended up writing a somewhat custom JSON crawler using Node JS that would first parse the entire ~500 MB json files into JS objects, and then using asynchronous programming it would “crawl” through the objects and compare each and every value for every property or array index and writing out differences to a text file that included the actual path to the value, so you’d get something like “object.array1[4].velocity”, but waaay longer of a path than that a lot of the time.

New community: Michigan
I was asked to create a Michigan community and so I did!

That link is broken for some reason. I get a 404.

If this would happen to midwest.social I’m not sure what exactly I’d do because the server is in Germany but I run it from the US. I’d probably blow the database away and start over lol.

Displaying wrong number of comments
I'm getting notifications for comments on a post I made saying there are 2 comments but only one was made. I also usually get 2 emails when someone comments or replies to me instead of just 1. ![](https://midwest.social/pictrs/image/c742a8a7-be23-466c-88a8-2c307faf4573.png) ![](https://midwest.social/pictrs/image/9798be56-af30-43fa-beea-97a2c0d00ee9.png)

Shout out to @jackfromwisconsin
Thank you, [@JackFromWisconsin@midwest.social](https://midwest.social/u/JackFromWisconsin), for posting content here. I know it's pretty quiet, but I enjoy seeing your contributions!

I right-clicked on that specific movie’s tile from the home page and clicked “Delete media”. My file system is set up like /data/media/movies/movie_title_dir/movie_file and next thing I know I do ls in the terminal and the movie directory was gone.

I’ll have to check the configs. I doubt someone had access to my server but I suppose it’s possible. My initial thought was that it has a bug where if something doesn’t exist it accidentally just just rm -rf * somehow.

Jellyfin deleting files??
I noticed a movie that I never downloaded somehow showed up in Jellyfin. I searched for the file and couldn't find it anywhere so I clicked remove media and it deleted every movie I had downloaded. I was luckily able to recover everything but I'm kind of shaken. It deleted the entire movies folder I had.

Like 2 days and I’m not very familiar with docker. They’re running in docker containers with docker compose using portainer.

I’m blown away by my jellyfin, radarr, transmission-openvpn, jackett setup
I originally posted this thread: https://midwest.social/post/423896 in relation to getting started acquiring content and I just gotta say damn...this software is incredible.

Thanks! Do you use Sonarr or Radarr? I’ve heard of those for organizing/scheduling torrents.

Piracy 101 guide?
I have a NAS set up in my house with Open Media Vault installed. Is there a guide to getting set up torrenting? I just don't want to get into any trouble. I've never torrented before. Anybody have a guide or advice on how to start?

Turns out I get SimpleLogin free with my Proton Unlimited subscription so I’m going with that lol

You can schedule posts with the Tusky mobile client. I think a few others support it as well.

I don’t live too far from the spill site. Something tells me a lot of people who were told it’s safe to return home nearby are going to develop health issues soon.

JKR is a TERF and people are asking others to boycott the game and/or spoil stuff to people who would want to play the game.

You can give your site “taglines”, short markdown messages, which are shown at the top of your front page.

What is considered the Front Page?

I think I searched for “open source reddit” and Lemmy was one of the search results. Joined lemmy.ml, and then a year or so later started my own instance.

This one I use daily: https://www.logitech.com/en-us/products/mice/mx-vertical-ergonomic-mouse.910-005447.html

You can keep the usb connector attached and use it that way if you want to avoid bluetooth.

You da real mvp! Thanks for contributing to my instance!

cross-posted from: https://midwest.social/post/385425 > Just set this up for my local Food Not Bombs chapter so they can coordinate with volunteers and others better.

Just set this up for my local Food Not Bombs chapter so they can coordinate with volunteers and others better.

They’re fucking annoying. The fact that someone would put effort into becoming an influencer is cringe.

She’s pretty young. Under 8 years old. We think she got soap or something on her from sitting in the sink and that’s what caused it.

Somehow, this shorthair cat got a lump of fur tangled up on her back. My mom finally managed to remove it.

Log file for midwest.social
Here is the link to the privatebin that contains the site's longest running queries of today. Take a look at it and see if you can find anything out of the ordinary. Thanks!

Awesome! I tried to do this awhile back and the article was rejected because not enough news sources had written about it.

I’ve stuck with the blue lo-carb one. Tastes about the same as the green but with way less calories.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!
Hope you are safe and warm and surrounded by friends and family.

Some neat internet history. I wasn't around for the Cleveland free-net so I'm learning about this now.

New midwest.social users look here
Welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself here in the c/main channel if you'd like.

Problem has improved, but is not gone
The high CPU issue that is causing midwest.social to slow way down and timeout on HTTP requests is still a mystery to me. But, it seems to do it less often and for less time now. Here is CPU usage over 24 hours: ![](https://midwest.social/pictrs/image/6d9927c9-1c88-4321-b2f9-b533ea867921.png) It's a bunch of SELECT statements in Postgres that all seem to fire at one time and take a while to complete as a batch. I've inspected the logs and haven't seen anything unusual. Just stuff federating and posts receiving upvotes.

I think I fixed midwest.social’s slowness
Upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04 and the issue appears to be gone. I have been going crazy trying to figure out what was causing it.

Musk purging tons of journalists right now
Expect another influx of new users to mastodon

Someone in my chapter made these. All proceeds go directly to our chapter in case anyone is interested.