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Yes. Also allusions to pre-WW2 -level of depression and riots against “the west”. But I’m obviously thinking of these people way more than I should.

I’ll try to stop.

Great that it’s working, but everyone wanting to enable HDR should understand that it uses roughly 50% more energy, and typically disables all energy saving features of televisions.

These people are as great heroes as the German resistance against nazis in World War 2. We should hope they get as much support as possible, so as to stay safe and make a meaningful difference. They are the greatest hope of a world where the west and Russia can exist peacefully, or even as friends.

The idea of a friendly Russia might sound absurd now, but I’m sure the thought of a peaceful Germany seemed like a joke in the 1940s.

Like German resistance to Nazi Germany in WW2, these people are incredibly brave. Hopefully they can be helped enough to make a difference and keep them safe.

... also Europe seems to be doing fine over the winter, unlike what some claimed (wished?) would happen.

... also Europe seems to be doing fine over the winter, unlike what some claimed (wished?) would happen.

Is DonutOperator propaganda? Seems more like a cash grab, monetizing rednecks.

Ok, I guess it could be both.

The only thing I couldn’t run well on my Vega 54 was Star Citizen, and even that gave 5-10 FPS planetside and ~40 FPS in space. And 64 is obviously even better.

I’m a proponent of free markets, but I also think that social media should not be provided by them. Destroying Twitter and Reddit alone won’t be enough, since Facebook or new companies etc. will replace the void left by them. Even Mastodon is a bit of a risk, since there’s essentially nothing that protects from a single large entity pooling up resources, using marketing tactics etc., taking a majority of the network and then doing the good old embrace and extinguish move.

This needs global legislature to be fixed, and unfortunately the world does not seem to be moving towards a direction where that sort of thing could be achieved. EU is the best actor in this space currently, and that’s not a high hurdle. And EU is probably not taking over the world.

Share something from an unbiased source.

That’s a bit of a rich comment considering that you posted the original link to a very biased source.

Debunked for instance here:

Why does the “leftist” spread Russian Federation’s propaganda? It’s a country that is about as far from a leftist political ideology as is possible.

I’ve been playing this game for ~10 years (more when it was new to me, much less recently), and I appreciate all the things they’ve done to this polished up version.

Kid: Mom, I want feudalism.

Mom: We have feudalism at home.

Home: Capitalism

What a reality we live in. The one who is offensive gets to claim that their security is being threatened. It’s like if a rapist demanded that the victim apologizes and promises never to do it again.

Which actually fits this situation better than one might imagine:

“Whether you like it or don’t like it, bear with it, my beauty,” Putin said.

Can you think of a perspective more extreme, more anti-russian than your own?

Sure, that’s easy as my perspective is rather mild, considering recent events. Here goes:

Russia is so evil that it should be immediately nuked, regardless of what the consequences would be.

(that went to the deep end, when the spirit of the question is perhaps to find more nuance – there’s certainly a lot of space between my answer above and my actual position)

It’s a test of whether your view is an extreme view or a moderate one.

Good test, generally speaking! It seems my actual view is rather moderate: I want this large and relatively powerful country not to bully its neighbors and generally increase violence in the world, and now that it is already doing that, it should immediately stop doing it.

Vaultwarden makes that possible, but then again the hassle is back if you use that.