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President Xi Jinping pledged to redistribute wealth while turning up the heat on China’s upscale citizens and businesses. So, what keeps Chinese communism going?

CaspianReports says it is because geopolitics, development, national security, stability. BTW ofc China is not Communist. What are your informed arguments?

There are no communist countries because capitalism has to be overthrown globally in order for actual communism to be achieved. That said, China is a state governed by the Communist party where Marxism-Leninism is the official state ideology. 87.6% of young Chinese identify with Marxism, and the party over 95 million members.

All the core economy is state owned and directed towards the needs of the people as opposed to being run for profit.

China has now eliminated abject poverty, and in fact China is the only place in a world where any meaningful poverty reduction is happening. If we take China out of the equation poverty actually increased in real terms:

If we take just one country, China, out of the global poverty equation, then even under the $1.90 poverty standard we find that the extreme poverty headcount is the exact same as it was in 1981.

The $1.90/day (2011 PPP) line is not an adequate or in any way satisfactory level of consumption; it is explicitly an extreme measure. Some analysts suggest that around $7.40/day is the minimum necessary to achieve good nutrition and normal life expectancy, while others propose we use the US poverty line, which is $15.

China does massive investments in infrastructure. They used more concrete in 3 years than US in all of 20th century and built 27,000km of high speed rail in a decade. 90% of families in the country own their home giving China one of the highest home ownership rates in the world. What’s more is that 80% of these homes are owned outright, without mortgages or any other leans. Real wage (i.e. the wage adjusted for the prices you pay) has gone up 4x in the past 25 years, more than any other country. This is staggering considering it’s the most populous country on the planet. Chinese system also results in high social mobility unlike western capitalist alternatives.

And finally, some further links discussing this in more detailed by


Thanks for the detailed comment! I’ve read some of the links, they are very enlightening.

The video goes on to show the inequal distribution of wealth, or GDP, between coastal regions and interior, rural areas to the west. And China’s funding these poorer regions through the gainings of the wealthier regions. I see some of your links show China’s trying to now properly develop these regions according to their characteristics rather than just giving them money. While in compensation the western region acts as a geographical shield against external forces as and thus defends the wealthier regions—I understand this point mostly for what have led to all uprisings, revolutions, wars in China during the 20th century, but not sure if this makes too much sense.

The video points out the fact communism, Chinese socialism, is also to union people in a large country as China, and maintaining sovergnity. It gives this is the main point of socialism in China rather than actually implementing socialism and communism. So it is nice you pointed out all these data.

The points the video identifies do play a role, but these are definitely not the only factors driving China towards communism. I very much agree with the idea that reducing wealth inequality leads to social stability. I think that a lot of problems we’re seeing in the west currently stem directly from the fact that western countries are run in the interest of the oligarchs.


regime security

That’s how thing should work, government stability should be dependent on the satisfaction of the people.


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