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The latest police figures show that 10,818 rape cases were reported in the first quarter of 2022. South Africa has among the highest rape incidence in the world. How can gender-based violence in the country be reduced?

Ideas can come from all sorts of places, and inspiration can hit in a flash—think of Archimedes supposedly yelling “Eureka! Eureka!” in the bath when he realized that irregular items could be accurately measured through water displacement. But sometimes, it’s fiction, not reality, that provides the spark of inspiration. There are sci-fi tales, for example, that have gone beyond predicting technological advancements to directly inspiring scientific progress, from robotics to rocketry and everything in between. Here are 11 advancements inspired by works of science fiction to read up on while we wait for teleportation beyond the quantum level. Actually, though, HG Wells does precede Arthur C. Clarke's book that included the global interconnected telephone network. In Men Like Gods (1923), Wells invites readers to a futuristic utopia that's essentially Earth after thousands of years of progress. In this alternate reality, people communicate exclusively with wireless systems that employ a kind of co-mingling of voicemail and email-like properties. See #technology #SciFi #science #inventions #inspiration

Germany's federal and state data protection authorities (DSK) have raised concerns about the compatibility of Microsoft 365 with data protection laws in Germany and the wider European Union. Under the GDPR, children below the age of 13 are incapable of consenting to their data being collected, while consent may be given by those with parental responsibility for those under 16 but not younger than 13. When platforms do store data on adults, those customers are meant to be able to request the deletion of their records. Microsoft has denied that its assessment : "We ensure that our M365 products not only meet, but often exceed, the strict EU data protection laws. Our customers in Germany and throughout the EU can continue to use M365 products without hesitation and in a legally secure manner." That statement is not actually a categorical and clear denial of what Germany alleges. But actually my opinion is, if there is concern about any age group using this software for educational purposes, all the concepts (and use) can also be taught using open source LibreOffice and then there is no issue like this. Schools should anyway be teaching concepts and principles, that there are options out there, and to innovate around experimentation, adapting software, etc. See #technology #GDPR #privacy #M365 #Germany

Shanghai Data Exchange Goes International With First Branch In Singapore -
Cross-posted from With the mission of "building a data factor market and promoting data capitalization", the Chinese organization aims to collaborate with tech companies like Amazon AWS, Google, KPMG, Fraunhofer and others.

CommonMark matures into Djot
New markup language based on CommonMark's learned lessons

Will we finally look at seperating athletics from education?
The only reason there is any concern here is due to the North American problem of linking sports with higher education. This would never happen in the rest of the world where private clubs, not public schools, are where amature athletics thrive. as an American sports fan I demand [#SeperationOfSchoolAndSport]( [#Sports](

Prime minister says he raised Wikileaks co-founder’s case with US representatives recently and will continue to push for it to be ‘brought to a close’

I'm honestly not sure how to summarize this video. It's a very interesting look at the way that the impulse to "optimize" gameplay affects the culture surrounding games, especially MMOs and other multiplayer games. It particularly looks at World of Warcraft and the social norms that have developed around and within the game. It's a long watch but I found it really interesting, and I have zero connection to WoW and have never played it.