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I'll confess I don't do backups regularly 🙀 In the past, I always followed the same routine: I start backing up my files but quickly run into issues and give up. Recently I corrupted one of the system files, nothing major but I have to reinstall the OS in near future So it prompted me to think about the whole strategy of backup. Before I waste 2 weeks trying to build "the perfect backuping systemTM" (and give up), I would like to get a peak how others are doing it. Choose any number and tell me I'm an idiot for even asking that 🤣 1. how much (of you personal) time you spend to assure regular backuping? 1. how do you backup settings of your software? 1. how do you deal with software that doesn't provide explicit export of settings? 1. do you do it manually by an occasional export once in a blue moon? 1. do you use configuration managers like Ansible to quickly install/restore settings? 1. do you backup binaries/installation packages? 1. do you backup mobile apps and their settings? 1. do you backup snapshots of OS? if yes, please explain your strategy dealing with them 1. do you include temporary personal files into backup? For example: a shopping list 1. do you copy system files in a separate folder for further backup or instead put the paths of system files for backup software to grab the latest version? 1. do you backup logs? if yes, please explain your reasoning and situation. 1. what's your folder (hierarchy) of the drive where you store the backups? How did you come up with it? 1. do you keep all backup files on a single drive/RAID or you have a separate storage for group of backups files? For example such groups: drive for Windows backups, drive for networking hardware, drive for mobile devices, drive for server related stuff, drive for grandparents' backups (😄) 1. do you keep files residing only in a cloud (excluded from backup)? 1. do you backup your emails? if yes, how do you filter them to exclude junk from backup? 1. do you backup your online profiles? like Facebook & google 1. how and when do you clean old backups? 1. what do you consider when buying a new drive for backuping needs? 1. how often do you test your backups?

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