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My understanding is that CSGO is actually at its peak popularity right now. I wonder if Valorant was siphoning the playerbase and if this’ll slow it down. I haven’t actively played the game since 1.6.

A lot of very ominous signs from from China.

A childhood favourite series of mine. Wonder if anyone else here has played it?

Yeah, it really is the UI that does the job. A UI that truncates posts >500 characters behind a “show more” button already gets you closer to a microblogging platform.

Didn’t know one was about to happen but I’m pretty happy it is.

The official specs say the battery will last 2-8h, but the overlay estimates say 1,5-6h. According to the performance overlay, it can’t get to 7h on the main menu. On all of the three units I’ve had. Battery life on Steam Deck isn’t its strength for sure, though it’s still enough for me and likely most others.

I still wonder why Pleroma had to be forked. Now the development is mostly around Akkoma, apparently.

Decided to post anyway as I felt I needed to set the record straight and this was the article available.

Latest information seems to suggest it was a stray anti-air missiles from Ukraine. Very unfortunate, very awkward.

How long until mainstream media starts talking about Mastodon as well? Goddamn European Union has an account in the network already.

I’ve been playing bots pretty much exclusively for a few years, so this excludes me. Either way, it’s a nice gesture considering TI battle pass is usually extremely greedy times for hats in general and I tend to take a break from DotA because of it for the duration TI.

I’ve been meaning to continue learning FF XIV. It does however seem like finding a group that doesn’t use Discord is pretty much impossible, and I’m in the process of deleting my account there. Maybe I’ll power through the story and then quit.

The TVO statement also emphasised that the damage does not pose a risk to the safety of the nuclear power plant site. “This has absolutely no impact on nuclear safety,” Aho further confirmed to Yle.

“We have no allies including Canada, UK, Israel and Australia with such a unique security partnership as the Saudis, providing them with ownership and local manufacturing capability of our most sensitive strategic weapons,” he said, adding that the arrangements began in 2017, under the Trump administration.

My strategy has been to just go through the list of album reviews on pitchfork and try 2-3 songs from each. Write down the ones I think could grown on me.

Still looking for a review site with no numbered ratings.

For some reason Lemmy wasn’t able to get the full title and it ended with “Will it force Apple to kill”. Guess it would’ve been funny had I not caught it.

I can’t believe Putin and the gang stand victoriously on stage, chanting “Russia! Russia! Russia!” as simultaneously they lose yet another key city and their “operation” is in the deepest shit it has ever been. This in addition to the hilarity of annexing territories they don’t even control yet.

There are some aspects about these retro shooters that you really don’t see in modern titles.

“I know your position on the conflict in Ukraine, the concerns that you constantly express,” Putin said. “We will do everything to stop this as soon as possible.”

A bit telling.

While very interesting, I wonder if this belongs in c/news?

Sometimes it’s also difficult to realize that your own behavior is actually problematic instead of just not vibing with someone. People generally won’t point these out to you and instead seek other people to be friends with.

It’s not just the whataboutism. It’s the deliberate mischaracterization of Finnish involvement in WW2. But the fact that Finland did fight alongside Nazi Germany against the USSR, even if for very different objectives, is enough to form an effective propaganda bludgeon.


Strongest military alliance on the planet.

Russia as an enemy

Starting a land war in Europe is going to make Europe treat you like a threat.

more danger of conflict

See Ukraine.

The past 30 or so years has been slow movement towards NATO so that if shit ever hit the fan, Finland could join pretty much immediately. This in conjuction with building self defense capabilities that would make an invasion - specifically by the Russian army - incredibly expensive.

In the end, the decisions to not join NATO and then to join were both done on national security grounds, and not for some sort of ideological stance. Finland’s just shedding the remaining bits of finlandization now.

Unsure about permanent bases, but female conscription is long overdue.

Or perhaps it’s easier for them to go for what they’ve always wished for? It’s a little tough to start demanding permanent NATO bases when the public opinion for joining has been abysmal for decades.

I feel like there could be a button to simply sign up to a random instance from a curated list.

The site could essentially offer an easy (default) path that would tell you in the simplest possible terms (preferably with pictures) what Lemmy is and enough about federation that the user is aware that it’s normal to have multiple web addresses, they all just access the same network. It would then offer two buttons, one would take the user immediately to a recommended instance, the other would fork them to the “advanced” path, allowing them to pick an instance with all the bells and whistle options and access more detailed information about federation etc.

“Sign up to a recommended instance (server)” and “learn more first”/“advanced options” buttons, perhaps?

It’s probably worth noting that getting banned from Reddit means that the majority of Lemmy instances would likely ban you as well.

And to actually answer the question, I’ve never been banned.

I have no experience with the moderation features of Matrix yet and I’d need to test them out somehow, but I’d be willing to volunteer to clean up any possible spam and trolling.

I would urge anyone on the verge of quitting Lemmy due to this to check out either beehaw.org or sopuli.xyz. There’s a (still small but) active effort in providing general instances and contributing general content in a less politically hostile environment.

One of the biggest, if not the biggest benefits of federation is that you can easily change administrators while staying on the same network.

Only Gargron wants to run a flagship instance. Lemmy devs have made it very clear their instance has certain specific purposes and that they don’t intend it to be the main instance. I’m just wondering if we should remove the invite-request friction for a little while in Beehaw and Sopuli to take the weight off of lemmy.ml and so that the admins there can keep federating with Lemmygrad if they really wish.

It would probably be best to recreate some of the communities made in lemmy.ml elsewhere and actually contribute there. I really think your best bet is to just contribute elsewhere.

No one wants nukes to fly, not the US, not China, not Russia. But the second we give the threat any influence to extend borders forcibly is when we’ve lost, and you can already see it in the hesitance to actually help Ukraine with boots on the ground.

And if Ukraine and NATO has proven anything, it’s that there has to be a real military and political deterrence to prevent conflicts.

The US visits enforce this deterrence, so of course China’s going to be displeased at the increased barrier for hostility. They then host military drills and achieve two things: get people blaming the US for their lunacy and getting to actually practice the hostility itself.

I think the recent US visits indicate that you could as well extend Taiwan’s forces to include the US ones. In the long run however it would of course be best to reduce the threat by acknowledging the immense risks involved in codependency with Chinese trade and start eliminating it ASAP. We’re feeding the problem ourselves.

I’m trying encourage thinking a little further than just immediately giving in to any demands, no matter how unreasonable. Giving in to such demands will only further instill the malign influence and anyone suggesting we just give in to it all to avoid conflict plays their part in dooming this planet in to aggressive authoritarian hellholes.

When I say “they’re just trading goods”, I’m saying they’re not the ones doing anything wrong here and blaming the US for a potential conflict is ridiculous.