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That’s a lot of work to get the genuine look!

What you think is your business, what I think is that whatever arguments you have isn’t something that will hold up to questioning.

I also think that while you suspect bad faith, critisizing someone and then refusing to help them better themselves is a DIRECT act of bad intentions. That doesn’t help at all, it literally only brings more negative feelings to the world.

How do I even know that your criticism is real and you’re not just an Internet stranger, lying to try to bring me down and make me feel bad about myself for your own amusement?

I don’t think this is worth my time either, glad we can come to a common understanding.

If I did, what do you think would be most productive - Telling me that I’m wrong or explaining to me how I’m wrong?

I cannot concent to being a lemmy instance user due to my lack of understanding the intricacies of lemmy federation. Should we shut it all down or should I just stop using it?

Have you proven that you are ABLE to consent to things you don’t have a full overview over? Should YOU be able to use Lemmy, maybe you’re being exploited right now?

Terrible times we live in.

I have very good experience with YunoHost. Installing Lemmy through the Ansible automated installation on a fresh VPN was quite easy as well.

Searching for fediverse social news aggregators.

How peculiar. Some quite interesting projects, FPS for blind people? I’m intrigued!

Hmm, have you considered notifying Freenom as they think .ML is the top level domain for Mali?

My first MP3 player was a cheap Sandisk Sansa E130 in the age of the iPod. One of the best MP3 players I’ve ever had, used AAA batteries, came with a whopping 8GB storage AND SD card support! Great sound and battery life, 5/5 stars.

Edit: I remembered wrong, it came with 512MB storage, the SD card I had was 8GB lmao

Well I did download ZRAM so now every GB of RAM is 3 GBs of RAM. 🫠

Old stuff is pretty neat. My favorite part of the article was the clip from The Mummy, it dates back to the turn of the millenium.

By the way, I shared a video about the looting of the Great Pyramid yesterday if people want some more egyptology.

Our Kongsberg-group deliveries weapons to a wide range of allies, a lot of them M-72 LAWs sent to Ukraine from is Made In Norway.

The new orders are so big that the state run company had to ask the government for subsidies to increase the manufacturing capacity IIRC.

Nammo is one of the biggest producers of rockets and “specialty” ammunition, aka. military grade infantry ammo from what I’ve gathered.

I think Norway will profit from our surprisingly large arms industry in this situation as well. 😐

It would be a big incentive for certain types of people, for sure. From an international standpoint it’s hard to argue that Norway isn’t profiteering from the war, maybe most of all. Not a good look when the head of NATO is an ex-PM of Norway…

Are you sure? The effects have been unimagineable profit for Norway and it might be a semi-permanent situation with Russia moving to sell gas south and eastwards instead of west, designating Europe as ‘unreliable buyers’.

My only regret is that the profit doesn’t help the Norwegian people.


It’s a different platform, you won’t participate in the monopolization of Chromium as the only browser worth building webpages for.

Google Chromium and install uBlock Origin

AFAIK you’d have to do some tweaking under the hood to achieve the same effect, particularly when it comes to de-coupling Google from Chrome. My impression is that you’d be closer to Brave if you started with Chromium or even Ungoogled-Chromium.

I would try to contact the head devs, or on Matrix, Lemmy have several offical rooms where they hang out.

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Of course he’s at Davos. 🤷‍♂️

Clarification regarding downvotes on posts from remote instances - Where downvotes are turned OFF?
I saw from a recent post that [downvotes does not propagate]( That seems counter-intuative to me, how does it actually work? - Does my downvote affect the visibility on such a posts in my feed when I vote on it on my local instance? - Does my downvotes on such an post impact the visibility of the post among my fellow lemmy-browsers on a third party instance? - Will turning off downvotes on an instance give its posts and posters an *artificial boost* when federating compared to instances where posts can get downvotes? I'm suspecting this can be used to create false consensus and artificially high visibility around posts.

Space Cadets (Channel 4) was the biggest & most expensive hoax in television history. A £4.5m stunt to convince three members of the public they were orbiting the Earth in a Russian spacecraft...when they were actually in a state-of-the-art Hollywood simulator for five days. Filmed by Channel 4 in 2005 and hosted by Johnny Vaughan, Space Cadets claimed to be the biggest and most expensive prank in television history. An out-of-this-world reality television stunt that required completely transforming an ex-US Air Force base in England (Bentwaters Parks) into a fictitious Russian space base. State of the art engineering, simulator (Brick Price's WonderWorks) and sound design (Dean Andre) straight from the world of Hollywood. Derren Brown style social engineering. And an army of actors trained to improvise for almost every eventuality. But the most surprising thing of all was that *it actually worked*. In December 2005, Space Cadets Billy, Keri, Paul and actor Charlie Skelton genuinely believed they were astronauts, 200km above the Earth's surface on a Russian space shuttle called Earth Orbiter One. Until the Big Reveal... So how did they do it? This is the story of the Space Cadets on Channel 4.

In 1622 a Spanish galleon sunk off the coast of Florida containing a fortune in treasures on board, but remained elusive until 1989, when explorer Mel Fisher finally located its whereabouts. Called the Atocha, this program charters the search for the missing ship, and shows Fisher showing off some of the incredible riches he found on board. An incredible story, THE SEARCH FOR ATOCHA shows that sometimes life really does mirror the fictional tales that we're so enamored with.

Treasure hunting has captured our imaginations for centuries. Draining the oceans reveals the richest wrecks ever found.