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The Factory must grow…

I agree, and the Flying Goose Brand probably makes some of the best IMO. Especially with their extensive variety of different flavors.

>Leftist Chilean President Gabriel Boric on Thursday announced plans to slowly nationalize the country’s lithium industry, aiming to take advantage of massive reserves of the metal, key to electric vehicle batteries and other technology, while protecting the environment. > >“Today we present a national lithium strategy that’s technically solid and ambitious,” Boric declared during a televised address, outlining his plan — which needs congressional approval — to create “a Chile that distributes wealth we all generate in a more just way.” > >“This is the best chance we have at transitioning to a sustainable and developed economy,” he argued. “We can’t afford to waste it.” >However, all future contracts for the metal will involve government-controlled public-private partnerships, Boric explained. He ultimately envisions a national company focused on lithium, but because creating one could be delayed by legislative divisions, agreements will initially be led by the state-owned copper mining company, Codelco.

Early on during a pregnancy you could say that there isn’t even any life yet (there isn’t really a medical or philosophical consensus). With what you’re saying, abstinence or using a condom would be just as “bad” as an abortion, as you would be deliberately denying the creation of life. As far as I know, mifepristone mostly comes into use within the early stages of a pregnancy where it’s hard to say whether there is even any life yet or not.

Lastly, I don’t think it’s fair being happy to disallow half the population from making their own moral or medical decisions just because that doesn’t align with your own personal philosophy. No one is forcing abortions onto anyone, so if anyone believes that abortions are unethical then they don’t have to get one. Everyone should have the freedom to choose.

How come? Do you believe that women should not have the ability to get easy and painless abortions?

A new, experimental approach to male birth control immobilizes sperm
>A paper published Feb. 14 in the journal Nature Communications, presents a novel approach to male contraception that looks promising in mice. Researchers tested a compound that blocks an enzyme sperm need to swim, suggesting a path to a fast-acting, temporary form of contraception. (Though tested in mice, many species including human males have the same enzyme.) >The drug stopped sperm from swimming, slowing their fast-beating tails to a twitch. In humans, this could mean they would never make it out of the vaginal canal past the cervix into the uterus. Further research showed that it was fast-acting, taking about fifteen minutes to have an effect. And it was temporary — it stayed in the system for several hours. > >In those hours, the male and female mice in the study had plenty of sex. Within 2.5 hours after getting the drug, it was100% effective at preventing pregnancies. Within 3.5 hours, it was 91% effective.

I agree and what I think is specifically meant with being nice is that you should to be respectful to each other. Anything else will get us nowhere in life.

I agree completely, but as it stands co-ops are currently a very small minority in a market immensely dominated by private capital owners.

For me, there is no way ethical justification other than to avoid to collapse of the business so that the workers don’t lose their jobs. However, profits in a Capitalist system may be well justified by the capital owners as they are often used to stay competitive. But then again the whole system is entirely unethical and unjustifiable.

So profit motive is a part of our nature but the Capitalist system tends to bring forth and immensely intensify this characteristic beyond any sort of reason? Perhaps greed shouldn’t be confused with the pursuit of profit here. Thanks for explaining, I think I have a better understanding of it now!

How does the profit motive under Capitalism come to exist?
We all know the argument that profit motive is part of human nature is false. Yet I'm still not sure why capital owners pursue profits. Is it the difference of self-interest vs collective interest? If so then wouldn't that enforce the argument on human nature? Or am I missing a crucial aspect of the Capitalist system? I'm genuinely wondering. Edit: Sorry for not being able to answer all of the comments, the blocklist of my instance sadly won't let me see all of the comments.

Do you know if gifs work?

Although I haven’t finished playing it yet, Metro Exodus is a really good game. It’s an open world post-apocalyptic FPS with an intriguing storyline.

The first two games (Metro 2033, Metro Last Light) are also pretty good but aren’t open world. Metro 2033 also has somewhat of a horror aspect to it. The world building is fantastic!

The entire Metro trilogy is quite good, but specifically Metro Exodus is probably the one most similar to Fallout. And AFAIK it’s also available on GOG. (Last Light and Exodus also have native Linux versions)

I have a Vega 64 myself and its pretty good. Most games run perfectly on high graphics settings and my experience with the drivers are seamless since they are fully integrated within the Linux kernel. One thing to note is that Freesync sadly doesnt work on a multi monitor setup with X11 (it only really works with Wayland and the Sway window manager).

I have never had any firsthand experience with a 1080 TI, but from what I hear the drivers aren’t very fun to deal with. Aside from that, performance should be somewhat similiar with some experiences being better and worse on both sides.

I would highly recommend reading Less is More by Jason Hickel (An economic anthropologist from Eswatini). I’m also pretty interested in reading his book The Divide but it’s still only on my to read list. Maybe I’ll get to read it within the next few months.

Interesting. Maybe someone should try to use this system to reform it against corporate lobbying.

Interesting, I didn’t this kind of legislatory process existed. It sounds like it has lots of potential if implemented properly.

That’s unfortunate :(

I’m starting to get the feeling that basically all progressive US laws are just half-assed.

Yup, and in this case the Soviets (/Russians) weren’t really portrayed as villians IMO.

The Boys isn’t much anti-Russian because (beware of Spoilers):


The captured super hero (Soldier Boy) was actually betrayed by his own comrades and then handed over to the Soviets. IIRC, this betrayal was even coordinated by the super hero company in order to profit off of their new, lab-grown super hero.

If anything, The Boys is more anti-US than anti-Russian due to its underlying anti-Capitalist/anti-Neoliberal messages (The US being more Capitalist than Russia in this case). The show also portrays corruption, illegal business and unethical practices conducted by companies in order to maximize profits. The show is mainly a criticism of Capitalism and Neoliberalism in the US and doesn’t really show anything having much to do with Russia.

Besides that, the most vile characters in the show are actually the american super heros themselves together with the company. From committing murders to doing drugs and even human trafficking. So, I think it’s fair to say that the show isn’t specifically anti-Russian.

I do have to admit that they are pretty fun sometimes. Maybe that’s why it’s so dangerous. It’s dopamine inducing propaganda.

BookWyrm looks interesting! I think I’ll try it out.

This is probably why conspiracy theories are so dangerous and powerful, they ultimately can’t be entirely disproven even though they are still unrational and unreasonable.

A bit off-topic: there have also been initiatives to reduce the tax for oat milk. My favorite example is when multiple cafes came together for a protest to simply sell coffee with oat milk with a 7% tax instead of 19% (they sued themselves afterwards).

So you’re saying that it could’ve been done in order to eliminate the possibility that Germany could change their stance and start importing russian gas again?

I’ve heard multiple times that the US could’ve done it in order to sell more LNG. But I still don’t see how this makes much sense since Europe has virtually stopped most gas imports from Russia. AFAIK both Nordstream 1 and 2 weren’t even in use any more. Or am I missing something?

I was using Lemmur with the AMOLED theme which is pure black. But yeah, with the web UI gray dark theme its definitely usable.

Sadly doesn’t mix very well with dark mode. It practically becomes invisible.

Oh, that’s unfortunate. Hope you have fun with the game though!

>Revolutionary Papers is a transnational research collaboration exploring 20th century periodicals of Left, anti-imperial and anti-colonial critical production. An interesting collection of leftist newspapers, magazines, journals etc. from the global south of the past.

Inserting the community with the instance into the url when using the web UI also works. For example, if you would want to subscribe to the Technology community but you can’t find it with the search function, you could enter https://midwest.social/c/technology@lemmy.ml to subscribe to the community. From what I’ve heard, communities not being searchable is because no one else from your instance subscribed to that community yet.

Is there a restriction on how much of the game you can share? Also, have fun!

I’m not entirely sure, but the Lt. of the PD was quoted giving this hypothetical scenario in which such a robot could be useful:

“I mean, is it possible we have an active shooter in a place we can’t get to? And he’s fortified inside a house? Or we’re trying to get to a person —”

Probably not the offense of assaulting an officer but rather destruction of government property.

Sometimes when I’m in search of something from a specific genre, I head over to Bandcamp and look at a randomized list of Artists for that specific genre. Other times I’ll listen to something on Youtube and then take a look at the recommended Music related to what I’m already listening to.

Creating a Post on Lemmy asking for recommended Music could also be an option of course!

Um das Fingerprinting zu minimieren wird die Zeit im Browser durch den User.js auf UTC gestellt. In Deutschland läuft die Zeit nach UTC+2, weshalb bei dir alles im Browser scheinbar 2 Stunden hinterher ist.

page named dataisnewoil

Is The New Oil the website you were referring to?

r/UpliftingNews could also be a contender when using Reddit.

This would mean sharing content under the users name without their consent. I don’t think I have to elaborate on why this is a problem…

If a mod or admin wants a title changed then they can ask the user or just remove the post if it breaks a rule. Lemmy DMs and comments do exist for a reason.

You’re right. There’s even a section in the Docs dedicated to this topic.

Wow, this is amazing, thanks! Ever since I first completely switched to Linux, I wanted something like this, but I never found what I needed. Looks like CPU-X even has CLI capabilities!

Why is Reader View disabled?
I recently wanted to try out Reader View but for some reason the icon in the url bar was nowhere to be seen. After taking a look at `about:config` it seems the feature is permanently disabled. Is there a reason for this? The preference is called `reader.parse-on-load.enabled`. ![](https://feddit.de/pictrs/image/7ab9482c-752e-4dfd-83b9-ffb7793ba920.jpeg)

What exactly are you asking? Are you asking about gender roles, gender or biological sex? Because I would say that it depends heavily on what you’re asking.

The video you sent is way out of date…

Joe Biden and Olaf Scholz were both committed to take Nord Stream 2 offline. So what happened? Germany simply took it offline as a form of sanction against Russia. This has already happened over half a year ago and has absolutely nothing to do with Nord Stream 1. Besides, why destroy a pipeline that isn’t in use anymore?

You talk as if motives don’t matter when looking at who the perpetrator is. But motives are very important when looking at suspects. Neither the US nor NATO benefit in any way by destroying Nord Stream 1. So why would they do it?