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Let’s end digital colonialism
Spanish article: [Acabemos con el colonialismo digital](https://freakspot.net/acabemos-con-el-colonialismo-digital/)

The official website Joinmastodon is proprietary. I don’t like Eugen Rochko. I made a pull request and submitted an issue, but I was completely ignored. They also use proprietary software for translations.

sed «menciita persono» povas signifi personon de nedefinan sekson; li kaj ŝi nur referas du seksojn. «Oni» povas esti frutempan solvon.

Vi pravas, sed mi preferas uzi «ri».

Oni signifas «iu ne menciita persono», sed ri estas «persono, kies sekson oni ne konas».

Li estas amiko mia

*Oni estas amiko mia

Ne eblas diri «oni estas amiko mia», ĉar «oni» estas «ne menciita persono» kaj mi intencas mencii rin en tiu malĝusta ekzemplo.

They are just making propaganda to try to convince people to invest in their terrible company.

Free software. This forum must be renamed.

In Russia, they can’t take it down. Plus, it’s not illegal there to pirate content from «unfriendly nations».

You cat submit the websites you want them to index. You can also install it on your server, see Build Your Own Search Engine.

Smoking is bad for your health

fiat money has its value in the economy of the issuing country. “The more people use it” can’t magically form a backing, so it is backed fully on faith. If that faith ever falters, it will collapse.

If no one trusts the fiat money it has no value, no matter how big the economy. Remember German money before WW2? If nobody believes the currency has value, it’s worthless. It’s worth a thing because people have faith in the government. If that faith ever falters, it will collapse.

Ok, you don’t get how a Ponzi scheme works.

US Dollars are Created by a Debt-Based Pyramid Scheme, Fronted by an Investment-Based Ponzi Scheme With Extra Steps. Is the Fed running a Ponzi scheme?

It’s… questionable and his books have been criticized as full of nonsense.

Well, I’ve read some of them, and they aren’t full of nonsense.

As for his net worth, he’s sold 30 million books and I’m sure does other things. Of course he has bundles of money. Doesn’t mean that he has good advice.

If he’s made and kept more money than you, maybe he manages money better than you. What’s your net worth? I mean, it’s easy to speak…

Then a month later, the market recovered and I had gained again.

You’re being faithful, man. Markets can take decades to recover, just like it happened to the Japanese market.

The critical problem was that they issued money to pay massive war debts without a corresponding economy to back it.

COVID money print, Ukraine war…


Crypto is a network of computers working together to support a network, transactions, electricity, Internet connections, it’s not simply an entry on a blockchain. Rare metals are mostly valuable because they are scarce. Same with crypto. Of course, if the crypto doesn’t provide any value, it’s useless, many cryptos are useless speculative shit, a little part of them provide something valuable. Gold and silver also have some industry uses, but mostly they are and were valuable because they were scarce.

Gold’s value is ultimately a social construction: it is valuable because we all agree it has been and will be in the future. The same with crypto.

Could you explain the relevance? Neither crypto nor fiat currency rely on the currency being made of a commodity metal.

People keep gold and crypto (“good money”), because they maintain their value, and people spend euros, dollar, etc. (“bad money”), because they keep losing value. But crypto has another advantage, you can transfer money very easily without a banking system, without sanctions from US freezing your money, like it happened with to Russian people keeping money “safe” in a bank account.

You can more easily store a simple crypto wallet that doesn’t take as much space as gold.

It’s also way better than how Bitcoin has fared, having lost 50% of its value against the dollar between July 6 and 18 alone. In total, that’s a long slide from 64k USD on November 12, 2021 to 18k USD today. Monero shows no signs of being different.

Last 5 year Monero growth relative to the dollar: 142.28 USD +48.05 (+50.74%). Of course, if you only focus on the bubbles… In short, Monero is becoming more valuable than the dollar… Bitcoin (+227.92%) last five years, but I wouldn’t bet on Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin is overvalued. I recommend this video to understand why the dollar will lose lots of value in the not so distant future.

This is the problem. It is based on a breath of wind. No one backs it, no one attempts to maintain it. It’s based entirely on feelings. If people feel less than confident that the currency will maintain value, POP, the bubble bursts, and no more value.

OK, you don’t get how blockchain works. Miners and servers all around the world maintain the network. The more people use it, the more valuable and resilient it is. The dollar is not backed by any commodity like gold or silver, it’s fiat money.

This is what happened to the Deutsche mark, backed by Germany.

The future of US dollar

The US Ponzi scheme is not immune to this, specially without oil to back the value of the dollar…

That man can talk a big game about Wall Street conspiracies, but he really has no idea what he’s doing.

LOL, that man is Robert Kiyosaki has a net worth of $100 million and teaches financial education. You don’t get that rich by luck.

Put your retirement money into a Vanguard fund over the course of a few decades and it will grow dependably.

Stock market’s fall has wiped out $3 trillion in retirement savings this year. Those people lost money… If they need to retire the money now, they’ve lost money. Also add that loss to the current huge inflation loss…

They don’t, and there isn’t huge inflation.

Not huge? “They observed that in November 2021 inflation for durable goods was 14.9%, compared to 10.7% for consumable goods and just 3.8% for services in the United States”. There is even a Wikipedia article.

We can’t tell what the future of the US dollar will bring, but its success will likely be tied to the US economy as a whole.

Then it won’t have a bright future.

There are no economies based on a cryptocurrency. You can’t go out and buy a car. People don’t typically get paid. It’s just too volatile.

Of course not, “Bad money drives out good”.

Okay, then what are they backed by?

Math, people using it, value it provides (for example, with Monero I can buy weapons without revealing my identity, transfer money between to and from sanctioned countries, move money online without paying taxes…), its scarcity. Personally, I trust bitcoin more than I trust the government #shorts". Also gold and silver are a good store of value. But, of course, there are many bullshit cryptocurrencies that don’t provide any significant value.

PoW only displaces the problem of wealth distribution.

Also, it’s more secure.

Proof of Work incentivizes hoarding of useless electrical waste (long-term at least), the more you mine, the more you’ll want to invest into this useless hardware, to mine even more.

“One of Monero’s philosophies is to maintain egalitarian mining, so that everyone can have the possibility to mine. To achieve this, Monero uses a particular algorithm ideated and developed by members of the Monero community: RandomX. This PoW algorithm is ASIC resistant, which means it’s impossible to build specialized hardware to mine Monero. Miners must use consumer-grade hardware and compete fairly”.


As in, there is a central bank sitting there with a bunch of levers where its #1 purpose is to keep the dollar stable.

If they want to keep it stable, why do they print lots of money, which creates a huge inflation? It’s fake money.

And they’ve kept the dollar remarkably stable for the past almost one hundred years.

Yeah, $660 from 1900 have a relative inflated worth of $24,013.86 as of today. Remarkably stable!

That bank is, in turn, backed by the taxation powers of the US government over the vast US economy. Every factory, every worker

Just like the Denarius. Eventually all fiat currencies fail.

Meanwhile BTC’s value is governed solely on the hopes and dreams of people buying into it.

Well, it has banks from all over the world, countries, individuals, etc. using it, so you’re wrong. Not that I like Bitcoin, I prefer Monero.

If that ever falters, there will be nothing to stop BTC from sliding into oblivion.

I’d be happy if Bitcoin fails, and Monero and other better cryptocurrencies do well.


The US dollar is a Ponzi scheme. Blockchain allows transfers without the need of central banks (less costs, bureaucracy). Most cryptocurrencies are virtually deflationary, so they hold their value well, like gold. “Bad money drives out good”.

Proof-of-stake incentivizes the hoarding of coins, which can lead to centralization. Given that PoS coins aren’t private, unlike Monero, I see no reason to support them.

Dense acellular carbohydrates from modern diets change the microbiome of the mouth. Combine that with the effect of sugars and you can see why most people have poor dental health: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=yCPwD59sDvg&list=PLbhWKPDKXIECpB3LD-3cq3gL7Gy0Jj2Ea&index=8

Estas multe da homoj, kiuj parolas Esperanton.


One such program was alluded to in a little noticed document dump published by Wikileaks in early 2017 and called “Vault 7”: over 8,000 classified CIA tools used in the covert world of electronic spying and hacking. It is called ExpressLane, where U.S. intelligence has embedded malware into foreign biometrics and watchlist systems, allowing American cyber spies to steal foreign data.

You can donate without problem using normal crypto coins or regular money.

A no ser que uses una criptomoneda como Monero todo el mundo puede saber a quién has donado. ¿Pero y si no quieres que nadie sepa que a quien has donado? Por ejemplo, me puede dar vergüenda donar dinero para ayudar a comprar armas a un país muy corrupto, como Ucrania. Si el otro país toma el poder pueden usar esa información en el futuro para acusarme de financiar el terrorismo o financiar a neonazis.

Our politics suck, our system suck. But that discourse is shit.

Señor Estegosaurio, si es mi dinero, debería poder decidir en qué se emplea, pero no puedo hacerlo, pues una considerable parte me la quita el estado para financiar cosas que no quiero financiar.

They call US and EU “global economy”, as if every country was on their side.