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Clever Code? Sounds like a company 🫣

Never heard of them. What do they do?

With a separate notebook in the following format:

pagenr:linenr - note

I expected a whole gtk/qt theme, but it looks like it’s just a wallpaper?

Even if everybody says, that the pandemic is “over”, I’ll wear my mask on trains, bus, while shopping, and so on. Because I don’t think, that the pandemic is over and ppl just making it worse when they stop wearing masks.

I ordered several times from https://stickerapp.com/ and was always very happy with the result.

“Why did you do this?”
“Because I can” 😂

I would say so too, if it was more than just a hobby. Nevertheless, anybody can add the Creative Commons license to their work as long as it is their own work.
Hobby bloggers like to make this their own. But I understand the point you’re making.

And I’m running several lawsuits against individuals because of copyright infringements. So it definitely matters enough.

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you. Copyright infringement also matters when private individuals are affected. E.g. when a private person uses CreativeCommons, MIT, or GPL license. CreativeCommons is mostly used for text.
In addition, you need to read the TOS of the platform to see if they do not take the rights, as Facebook does, for example.

Simply ban the IPs & the accounts of the abusers while enforcing the rules, and it shall be clean after a while.

That would work. But banning the IP would mean banning whole instances, because spam does not only come from the local instance. Banning the user by username does work for 5 minutes, before they register a new account.
Since nobody who’s hosting a Lemmy instance is paying a professional moderation team, which is 24/7 available to ban spam, it’s almost impossible to react in time.

I don’t know how it works in lemmy, but each instance could go and have a word filter (if the post contains a blacklisted word, it would be held for review).

This word filter is called slur-Filter and is available. Nevertheless, this has been criticized by outsiders very often and Lemmy as a whole was made bad.

I am Not Talking about the software feature, I am talking about why the 5,000 or so users who have an account at lemmy are unable to speak & interact with each other.

I don’t think it’s particularly beneficial to criticize Lemmy because some instance blocks others, but applaud Mastodon for “moderation”, on which a hashtag is highly valued that “recommends” blocking entire instances because one person has a problem with another on another instance.

As for moderation, mastodon is going to pass 8,000,000 users soon, and they have gab and truth social there, yet they are still able to moderate it.

With what I’ve experienced on Mastodon so far, the “moderation” consists almost entirely of overblocking by distributing blacklists, which are primarily controlled by bigger instances.

Do you mean that you do this to have a static IP pointing to an admin page? Why does that increase security?

Exactly this. You can configure nginx/apache this way, that specific pages, like an admin interface, are only reachable from a specific IP range. If it comes from another one, you can return whatever you want.
It increases security in this way, that crawler don’t even get known about such administrative pages and there’s no way to brute-force the login.

Edit: Thanks for the tip with Nyr OpenVPN.

I’m running 2 OpenVPN server. One on a VPS in Canada and one in Germany. The main purpose is to lock admin pages to a fix IP to increase security.
I always avoid the supposedly secure, paid VPN services, because you never know what is really recorded there. At least, you run your entire Internet traffic over it. And with these prices, you can almost lease a small VPS, install OpenVPN and browse through it.

He killed Chewbacca? :o …
I currently have only read the Drizzt saga, but was not really convinced by it. My next plan was the Dark Elf Trilogy, but I heard that’s the same as Drizzt?

I was always happy with the combination of transmissiond running on a file server and transmission-remote as client, available for Linux, Windows and Android.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to get a small SSD instead of a USB stick and connect it via USB using an external enclosure? There shouldn’t be much difference regarding performance, but there should be in lifespan. You could also split partitions up and use the free space for other things.

Mastodon - Who blocks whom
cross-posted from: https://fapsi.be/post/161886 A few days ago, a page was published in the Fediverse where you could check which Mastodon instance is blocking whom in the Fediverse. This was made possible by a programmer who used the new Mastodon API introduced in 4.0 and automatically read out the blacklists of the instances. The information about who blocks who is in many ways more than just interesting for those who want to choose an instance. As it was already written in a German thread about the topic, it would be helpful to know whether you reach your target group at all, if you register on an instance.

Why is it so hard to send a correct UserAgent?
Especially with the rush from Twitter, there are more and more bots and crawlers coming up from the Fediverse that just can't manage to send a correct UserAgent. Many apps, which want to make usage of several platforms, just submit the framework they use for their connection. Like `python/1.2.3`, `Dart/1.23` or `http.rb/1.2.3`. The biggest problem with this behavior is, that I as the operator and administrator want to secure the system, but I would lock out legitimate software by targeting only the UserAgent. Especially the `python/1.2.3` in particular, but has also attracted malicious attention many times in my log files. I'm really grateful, that Lemmy developer decided to use a customized UserAgent, so that I as admin can directly see what request it is and where it comes from. That makes it so much easier to make the decision of harm or no harm. On my servers, I started to block all requests with a “default” or empty UserAgent, but I wonder, how it's possible to fix this issue in general? Any ideas?

Any books where an ancap nation protects itself from international law by having nukes?
Cross posted from https://fapsi.be/post/111920 Please reply on the original post at https://fapsi.be/post/111920

cross-posted from: https://fapsi.be/post/64476 > Found this little helper today, tried it, and I'm really happy. Finally, I can write with Markdown and still have an overview of plot, characters, notes, …

Found this little helper today, tried it, and I'm really happy. Finally, I can write with Markdown and still have an overview of plot, characters, notes, …

Because it's a serious topic and very important to me. In addition to providing support for people who are suffering from depression. In the last years, I have noticed that many people are having way too much fun with stalking, cyberbullying, defamation, spreading falsity, agitation, etc., encouraging depression and suicides instead of fighting against it. That makes the issue even more significant.

cross-posted from: https://fapsi.be/post/8904 > ![](https://fapsi.be/pictrs/image/aglwyWS0KH.jpg)

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/69971 > Let me introduce a really cool fantasy novel: > > "A Wizard of Earthsea" is about magic, its power and its sources. > > The main character is Ged, who is told about, starting from his childhood until he rises to power. > > It is narrated vividly. The description of the magical school and the diverse sources of magic is entertaining. > > Greetings > Peter