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@nachtigall Where do you think the human rights erosion trend started from? Suddenly most of the countries are pushing one way or another to censor free speech? India has already banned E2EE, UK, US and EU are currently trying to push it through the back doors but resistance is quickly building up.

@comfy Same like Intel ME is able to take full ownership of your computer without your approval or awareness. This can only happen due to the closed source firmware these devices are using. If I could electrically kill these components, or the possibility of having them removed, I would consider myself fully protected. Again, this approach might not be good for everyone. Maybe “full” is not the correct wording. I guess “ideal security and privacy” is what I was looking for. You are right here.

@comfy The hardware approach has already surpassed most of androids due to their open firmware nature. In my scenario, let’s say I’m going to a protest and enforce my human rights upon the establishment. I turn off cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC, UWB and just use my phone as a pocket computer to take video footage. Later I read a security article that the cellular modem in my phone is able to transmit data outside phone’s operating system.

@comfy in terms of software linux phones still have a long way to catch android. Even when taking the desktop flavors, against windows, linux is still not a match. Thanks for sharing that article. Is good to know exactly which are the areas where linux must improve.

@comfy @thursday_j GrapheneOS is the best flavour of Android that you can get with the downside that is limited to one single phone brand. But Android itself is far from being perfect. That’s when Linux phones step in. Currently they are just in development stage and not really intended as daily drivers. But that changes with adoption.

@comfy @thursday_j Indeed you need context, but let’s limit the concept of “full privacy and security” to things that are in your control. E.g you might control the physical safety of your device but you can’t control how many man-in-the-middle are between your phone and the rest of the internet. As a regular technology user my threat actors are big-tech and establishments.

@comfy Indeed you need context, but let’s limit the concept “full security and privacy” to aspects that are under your control. E.g you might control the physical security of your phone, but you might not control how many men-in-the-middle are between you and the rest of the internet. Like any regular technology user my threat actors are big-tech and establishments.

@shreddy_scientist @Grouchy You might also have a look at mobile phones that offer electrically kill switches or can even have these components physically removed. E.g: Pinephone PRO, Librem 5, Fairphone 4

@shreddy_scientist @Grouchy Any device connected to a wireless technology lacks full security and privacy.

You might carry on your mobile phone with you as there are lots of other functions you can do on it. But, in order to benefit from full privacy and security you should disable: cellular modem, wifi, bluetooth, nfc, uwb. And you must run an operating system that is entirely open source to be sure that these components stay off after you disabled them.

@nachtigall @lemmyreader As already seen from the elections in Italy during covid, EU does not work for people anymore and now favors the people in power. Massive exits are now to be expected like frexit, itext, gexit etc.

@fluffery you can get a gym device that also produces energy when you work out on it. Solar panels on the roof or a mini wind turbine if you live in a house.

@Rickster @nutomic @cypherpunks Of course that I play my part in fighting corruption in the establishment. I recently switched every single device in my home to open source auditable software and literally use 0 services from GAFAM. The thing is: if we don’t buy or use their products they will become obsolete. Also by using open source software you can’t be illegally spied as they can’t have access to your data.

@Rickster @nutomic @cypherpunks I was just trying to bring some positive thoughts. Even in China the gvmt tried to crack down on protests by shutting down the internet in the area and the people used a mesh network to still be able to communicate.

@Rickster @nutomic @cypherpunks As harder some pathetic governments are doing it to have some privacy and stop cancel culture, as faster we evolve towards alternative communication tools.

They can control even the whole internet. We will ditch this service and use mesh networks. Without us paying for the internet, the service will become obsolete.

@Ephera @rhymepurple No. Privacy by option is worse than no privacy at all. Non technical people would install firefox because they read somewhere that it safe, but ultimately they would use it as it is thinking that is safe out of the box.

@yogthos Use librewolf browser and problem solved.

@altair222 but is a step towards evil. How are we sure that further steps won’t be taken in the future?

@AgreeableLandscape But wait. Amazon can access video footage from your house without permission?

@ray why does the pathetic UK gvmt wants to listen my private conversations with my family?

@altair222 luckily, mobile Linux distributions are being polished as we speak. But it will take some time before they will have a good ecosystem.

@yogthos I think we will always have that option. Probably you will only not be able to go for the high end devices while seeking full access to your own device, your own property.

PS: No wonder why Linux phones are getting a lot of momentum lately.

@yogthos @ThreeHopsAhead as long as you stick to windows or linux on your computer and degoogled android on your phone that won’t be possible.

@yogthos if my digital devices, whether online or offline, cannot be encrypted anymore, then I have no use for them. I will get rid of them and won’t buy the next models anymore.

@Helix “Ah so you mean that the COVID pandemic has been manufactured by an elite of people with lots of information about the world’s population to spread it more efficiently?” - in fewer words than needed but Bingo!

“If so, what would/did they gain from the COVID pandemic?” - control, digital id rollout, smart cities rollout, social credit score, population reduction, financial gains

@SteleTrovilo @lemmyreader it might’ve not necessarily been a bad faith argument. I would expect that very few people would see and understand the connection.

My explanation is a bit misleading as the lack of privacy in people’s lives didn’t led to the pandemic directly. The bad actors only used the personal data accumulated over the years to deploy the pandemic. They knew exactly when to bring the problem, what restrictions to put in place to benefit only them and when to sell the solution.

@onlooker @OptimusPrime but you can make things hard for big tech by using degoogled phones, open-wrt/dd-wrt routers and Linux computers.

@Helix Obviously the covid pandemic. How would you deploy a worldwide event like that if you know nothing about the personal lives of your “players” and what do they care about. And it does not concern only internet privacy, but also real life privacy.

@OptimusPrime because i didn’t cared enough in the past and it led to a pandemic upon us. Now I have to care to prevent the next pandemic from happening.