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@alyaza @Hirom essentially it is all about them lord lilliputian man at kremlin. If there was any question, he owns Musk, that much is clear.

@anji @alyaza it is idea 5 years too late, sort of last hurrah for consumerism push in mobile space.

@Gaywallet @Hirom ethics are damned because money talks. As usual, it is not problem with technology or understanding potential issues per se, but how it is all is getting blatantly ignored due of get there first gold rush, real or imagined. We have to remember that training most of LLMs are very questionable from copyright / authorship POV already, and companies try really hard to make everyone to ignore it. Because winner takes it all.

@sexy_peach @ailiphilia and I think saddest thing is - not realizing potential in places where it could be actually usable, after reliable data inputs of course.
It will take time to integrate, to make something worthwhile. This hype in both excitement and fear is just eye roll moment. Reality check is badly needed.

@altair222 all is fine, I don’t have strength to explain myself fully as well, it is something instinctively - pun intended - feel :) I certainly do understand worries about this angle very much. In fact, I am more worried about sound deep fakes. That stuff will get out of hand pretty fast 😳

@altair222 thus ChatGPT as useless text generation tool does not expand disinformation that much. For better or worse. In my humble opinion, of course.

@altair222 disinformation does not live or die on quality or quantity - it reflects on people’s instinctive fears. It does not really matter who generates it or how much of it is around. This doesn’t add anything new to tool kit.

@altair222 @realcaseyrollins I think ChatGPT is peak of diminishing returns of disinformation. Because it is not quality or quantity that matters though, there are different forces at play.