Any other Krita users here?
Hello, everyone! I was wondering if anyone here enjoys using Krita? I started using it about a month or two ago and it's been a rather pleasant experience. The switch from Clip Studio Paint was smoother than I expected. It doesn't have a fancy brush shop like CSP does, but the brush customization is more intuitive than I expected and the ones I've found on the forum are nice too.

This is the world I’ve been building for ttrpgs, fun, and eventually some stories for the past few months. Despite the constant procrastination it’s been a ton of fun. The is steampunkeque that is largely controlled by a trading group and culture called the Moche. I’d love some questions and criticisms to help me flesh Drio out.

I tried to argue here why "AI art" in its current form, is not art at all.

cross-posted from: > **Copie Gauche**, a new French publisher dedicated to open license content, is calling for original solarpunk short stories. > They'll make a book out of the best, under an open license, with fair remuneration. > > > > - Direct link : []( > - [Their Mastodon](

recess - yardonthirdstreet
This webpage has lots of handwritten text inside pictures, so here's my best attempt at a transcription for those who need it. Some liberties were taken with punctuation and casing to hopefully make it more screen-reader friendly. Words that didn't have a clear transcription were left as [illegible]: Consider this apple We experience time for this apple in three dimensions. We can travel to any point on this apple as we trace it. Much in the same way, we experience life in four dimensions, because time is the fourth dimension. The book has already been written; it's just that because we are in it, living the story, we can't observe it all at once. [All capital letters] How would it feel, then, to experience something in four dimensions as a benevolent interdimensional alien stranger? There's talk of a Strange Feeling. This Strange Feeling lingers on city streets, around intersections, areas of past busy activity. The Strange Feeling frequents these places, now so haunted by phantoms of ideas, nations of a pre-epidemic world. Of course, excuse me--there have been pandemics before--pardon my [21st-century-centeredness, written to exaggerate the word's pretentiousness]-- I don't mean to narrow our scope. Ah, let me return to the story--so this Strange Feeling longed to be put into words (remaining an intangible amorphous Feeling wasn't enough), so that it could feel like part of the comprehensible human world. And so it targeted unassuming passerby, pedestrians on [all caps] their mandated daily [end caps] Walk Around The Block (TM) possessing their bodies to feel out the edges of its being. Kind of going through and identity/existential crisis now. Talking to M has me seriously thinking about what exactly it is that I want to do. [caption of an image] A couple in the distance. They seem like they're in love, in the thirty years and still holding hands in line kind of way Graphic design seems to thrive on disaster capitalism--how even much in poor taste it may be to sell overpriced masks to realize the dystopic covid-times toxic wasteland atmosphere, I feel like having a job where I can actually apply my skills feels better--or maybe less hollow, less empty--than sitting on the sidelines, jobless. For a while I thought maybe I can go into criticism--because at times, yes; I do have something to say--but is this my place to take up space? It all feels so futile, so pointless I really don't know much about "the outside world," about society; sitting here freaking out, similarly feels helpless. I wish I could be more secure in myself but [illegible] am I not enough already? Maybe I should seek the art [illegible] library and [illegible] oh god, maybe becoming an [illegible] could be a way out, a kind of [illegible] where escapism is my job? Entertainment, maybe? An animated series? But it's like... How can I survive and better yet live of of something that I can turn off when I go home? Maybe what I need to do is figure out, tidy up, clean away a space for me, in my apartment, in my mind and in my heart But the familiar [illegible] smallness of childhood games stares me down So certain, so plesant, so easy and simple. God I wish I could worry about these things on an [illegible] all the way, to make it productive so I could survive off of something? What even Sometimes I wonder whether consumption (purchasing things, that is) has taken over too much of "who I am". Have I begun to worship objects too much? For a time I felt that divorcing myself from the ego/or "letting go" was the way to reach transcendence. But now I think arriving at this conclusion without a journey will not let me to practice/feel this fully, so I am okay with materialistic/individualist calls/urges sometimes. Developing a ritual takes time. Maybe it's ok that I'm so confused (for) now... Worlding practice.

CSS Drawings
A collection of drawings made with CSS

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::: spoiler more pics ![]( ![]( ::: ___ 40% Merino, 25% Rayon, 25% poly-amide, 10% Kashmir

Paid apps not foss, but these have been my go to apps since kissing Adobe goodbye. Currently discounted. I've used the V1 apps for years without needing to pay for updates. Theres a universal bundle which includes ipadOS, mac, win versions. Also see [krita]( and [inkscape]( for FOSS alteratives.

Short Story
> Nowadays, many people save their memorable stories in cyberspace, I myself save a few short stories at my small ***[forum](***.

“Long overdue changes landing to what will eventually become GIMP 3.0. This new development version of GIMP is a bit of a game-changer as it arrives with some long-anticipated CMYK-related features. The way they are implemented will make some users happy, but some users might feel annoyed. It’s got to do with early binding vs late binding. So let’s talk about it. In layman terms...”

The Lemmyverse fanfic/copy pasta about the state of lemmy
cross-posted from: > Your little infiltrator isn't just another pawn. They're the one responsible for Lemmyml's condition. > > What? > > Sopuli: Despite what the world thinks, we're not just losers, or fedizens or gamers. The people in this sub, the leaders of the other seven instances, we're the ones that keep the fediverse safe from the evils everyone knows about! It's why we meet in encrypted rooms, why we work in the shadows. So you tell me, Midwest, when you brought your weebs to the federation, did you think you were being discreet, or did you just not give a damn!? > > Midwest: Discreet wasn't working. The people of fediverse needed someone to protect them; someone who would act. When they look to the federated timeline and see our weebs, they feel safe, and lemmygrad will feel our strength. > > Sopuli: (starts laughing) You... You think they're scared of your little weebs? I've been out there and I've seen the things she's made, and let me tell you - they are fear.

The gaps between my memory and the way we felt about it. Shade, shadows, edges of “I’m sorry” return the shape of something I couldn’t see. I try to make connections. I’m not sure if it’s pareidolia or poignant. I’m left with leaves on the ground, desire growing like grasses, and pits where I cannot. Though, I remember softness. The kind that is inviting and patient. Natural and, asks for nothing. I stayed too long, my impression is that I pressed my weight into you and left you wilted. What I cannot see is if you ever rebounded. Rose from the earth, your head at a gentle angle and with a single inhalation regained that soft countenance.

One of my first punch needle attempts. I like drawing my own patterns. I'm thinking about getting into rug hooking.

Punch needle piece drawn freehand with exception of moon. Made for [](

Recently learned about Art Fight. It's only for the month of July, but it's not too late to join. Basically, you're assigned a team, and you "attack" each other with art. The winning team is the one with the most points, which are accumulated through art attacks and effort. A much better explanation can be found in their [FAQ](
Art Fight

I’m working on another volunteer project and would be very grateful for anyone here to contribute their artistic skills.
This project started mere days ago between my self and a developer from Cambridge UK. We've been able to recruit nine other volunteers so far. Our greatest need right now is graphic artists to help out a little with logos and feedback on overall design. Please, let me know if you are interested and thank you for considering.

[CSS][Grid] Grid by example
Useful examples to help get your head around grid.

Love this photographers use of light and textures

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![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( Continued in the comments... seems I can only add 5 images to a post? Edit: Hmm, interesting. Maybe I broke the website, I can't add anymore to the post at all. Some JSON line 1 error or something. Original sauce for those interested in seeing the rest: Bibliogram link:

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Another lesser known art tool. Not sure which OSes it's available on other than iOS, but my search engine seems to suggest it's available on other platforms. On iOS there is a free version available as well as a paid version. It does have pen pressure as long as you have a compatible drawing pen!

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I feel like a lot of people haven't heard of Krita. I think it's a fantastic free drawing program and I highly recommend it. According to Wikipedia, it is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS.

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