The future is mobile homes/RVs [climate change]
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.perthchat.org/post/194201 > Hurricane coming? Make like a turtle and migrate (lol). Severe snow storm, floods, etc migrate > > Afaik, the earth was lot warmer during dino times, but dinos just migrated seasonally to better areas. Floods and whatnot are largely nerfs directed at humans structures. > > I heard that climate proofing housing is quite difficult, bc even like powerlines are damaged by events. Meaning it might be easier to work remotely from an RV. > > Thoughts?

In this Tuscan town, some cooks have rediscovered the energy-saving cooking box, a tool their grandparents used during World War II. An enterprising nonprofit here is producing useful — and stylish — insulating boxes that use less gas than traditional Italian cooking.

Environmental and ecological discussion. Inclusive of things like weather and other natural phenomena (especially if they’re not breaking news).

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