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The tech-savvy Windows users might have used CPU-Z. It is an excellent utility for gathering comprehensive system information that is not available through stock applications in Windows. CPU-Z is not available on Linux. There are multiple ways and tools you can use to get detailed hardware information in Linux. In fact, if you want something similar to CPU-Z on Linux, you are in luck. A developer called X0rg on GitHub has created a CPU-Z clone called CPU-X for Linux. The interface might not be an exact replica bit you will find it familiar. See #technology #opensource #cpux #cpuz #alternativeto

The Open Book project pairs a 4.2″ E-Ink screen with microprocessors we all know and love, building a hacker-friendly e-reader platform. Two years ago, this project won first place in our Adafruit Feather contest — the Feather footprint making the Open Book compatible with a wide range of MCUs, giving hackers choice on which CPU their hackable e-reader would run. Now, it’s time for a RP2040-based reboot. This project is designed so that you can assemble it on your own after sourcing parts and PCBs. To help you in the process, the PCB itself resembles a book page – on the silkscreen, there is explanations of what each component is for, as well as information that would be useful for you while hacking on it, conveying the hardware backstory to the hacker about to dive into assembly with a soldering iron in hand. So yes the AAA batteries are still adding some bulk, but it is 100% repairable at least, and there are plans to include a more compact battery. Assembly is very quick and easy, with the real challenge for many being sourcing somewhere to print the case. The first link in the article below takes you to the Github project page. See #technology #opensource #ereader #openbook #raspberrypi

Duplicati for Windows, Linux and macOS securely backs up directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, WebDAV or many other locations
Open source Duplicati allows you to set your own encryption and compression before efficiently backing up to many remote services. But good candidate targets too are a second drive, or even FTP to a remote computer on the network. But with Google not offering a native Linux Google Drive sync or backup, maybe using Duplicati is actually a more secure way of achieving this. See #technology #opensource #googledrive #Linux #Duplicati

Works very well for me on paywalled sites. A chrome extension also exists.

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More info: More about Joplin:

Alternative you can watch the video here:

How do i factory reset gimp?
how do i factory reset GIMP to all of its default settings? i have deleted every folder and uninstalled yet somehow it keeps all the settings that make it unusable ubuntu

Swarm to serve: Swarming vs Tiered Support Models Explained
Providing quality tech support is an important way to contribute to FOSS. See how you can do it in collaborative way

Free and Open Source Software
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